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Sinokocranes is a leading overhead cranes manufacturer in China. We had introduced European technology and always follow the world advanced crane manufacturing standard, such as FEM standard, ISO standard, DIN standard. Sinoko products have the advantages of small size, light weight, maintenance-free performance, heavy duty design and advanced configuration.

Overhead crane, also known as Bridge crane or overhead travelling crane, the overhead crane is most commonly used. which is installed on the track of the fixed span of the building, widely used in workshops, warehouses, etc. Handling and lifting work indoors or outdoors. It is generally referred to as driving in the factory.

1. According to the structure: there are single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, multi-girder overhead crane, double trolley overhead crane, multiple trolley overhead crane.

2. According to the pick-up device: there are hook overhead crane, grab overhead crane, electromagnetic overhead crane, etc.

3. According to the purpose: there are general overhead crane, steel mill crane, explosion-proof overhead crane and so on.

4.According to the lifting capacity:there are light type double girder overhead , heavy type double girder overhead crane,the lifting capacity of our crane varies according to the needs of customers, there are 5 ton、10 ton、20 ton、50 ton, lifting capacity can reach 500 tons;

Sinokocranes manufacture supplies various types of crane solutions with high quality and competitive price to meet customers´ needs; All these cranes can be designed and customized according to clients´ needs and requirements;

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Based on European advanced technologies, Sinoko has won good reputation in European standard EOT crane manufacturing. After 10 years of struggle, Sinoko has become one of the biggest overhead crane supplier and exporter in China.

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