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  • Double Beam Overhead Crane
  • Double Beam Overhead Crane
  • Double Beam Overhead Crane

  • Double Beam Overhead Crane
  • Double Beam Overhead Crane
  • Double Beam Overhead Crane

Double Beam Overhead Crane

Double Beam Overhead Crane

QD type double beam crane is the widely used hoisting machinery currently.Double Beam Overhead Crane consisted with double beam bridge mechanism, traveling mechanism, trolley with frame and electrical parts. Compared to single girder overhead crane, its structure is stronger, more secure use, so double beam overhead crane lifting capacity is larger.


Electric open winch double beam crane mainly consists of bridge, trolley and mechanism, crab and electrical
appliances.There are Pave the rail for the trolley move on the main girder.trolley is a rigid frame welded by
steel plate. Main hoisting mechanism, auxiliary hoisting mechanism and trolley operating mechanism are on
the trolley.

They are applicable to be the transfer, assembly, check and repair as well as load and unload at mechanic
processing workshop, subsidiary workshop of metallurgical mills, warehouses, goods yard and power station.



Trolley and Crane Traveling Mechanism:
Trolley and crane operating mechanism are composed of motors, reducers, couplings, brake and wheel
set, etc. The wheel runs in two directions driven by reducers and couplings under driving moment gene
rated by motors, trolley and bridge frame can achieve lifting back and forth from place to place.


Double girder overhead crane lifting mechanism can be with two trolleys, double trolley generally used
for lifting special materials, its structure is safe and reliable, with strong practicability.

According to user requirements, it can be:

1. Double beam crane with hook;

2. Double beam crane with grab,Grab is a kind of hoist lifting spreader which can grab varieties of bulk
materials, divided into four rope type, double rope type, single rope type, electric type, discs type, shear
 type, hydraulic type and log type, etc.

3. Double beam crane with Electromagnetic.Electromagnetic crane is evolved from bridge double girder
crane, with detachable electromagnetic chuck and configure the corresponding operating system to con
trol the electromagnetic chuck handling and lifting metal objects;

4. Double beam crane with magnet and carrier-beam.

Double beam crane with hook,grab,magnet


Technical :

Technical parameter of double beam crane
Capacity5, 10, 16/3.2, 20/5,75/20, 100/20, 125/32,300/40, 350/75,
32/5, 50/10160/50, 200/50, 250/50 400/80, 450/80
Span(m)       10.5-31.5 13.5-31.5 17-22
Max. LiftingMain Hook202224
Height  Aux. Hook2222 32
Steel Track Recommended43kg/m or QU70QU100QU120
Working dutyA3- A7
Working temperature-10℃-- 40℃

We believe that high-class electric winch double beam crane with reasonable price would definitely become your
superior alternative.

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