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Grab cranes come in a range of capacities and sizes to handle large amount of bulk materials efficiently and safely.

Sinoko Grab cranes are divided into automatic grab cranes in garbage power station , steel scraps handling cranes. outdoor sand handling grab gantry cranes, outdoor scrap metals handling grab gantry crane, etc.

They're all custom-made and have a unique design. Moreover, they have maximum unloading operating capacities. Our cranes are rigid and duty cycle. This has helped us to become a world leading grab crane supplier.

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Sinoko has very rich experience on grab crane design and development, Especially the grab cranes are widely used in garbage power station and scraps handling grab cranes in steel mills

For garbage cranes, usually have fully automatic grab feeding crane and semi-automatic feeding cranes. 

For steel mills grab cranes, the crane grab bucket will attached with outdoor gantry crane to unloading or loading steel scraps on the scraps yard. Or in the furnace by or scrap bay, the grab will attached with overhead crane to charge the scraps into vibrate trolley.

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