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  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane
  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane
  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane
  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane

  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane
  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane
  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane
  • Garbage Waste Grab Crane

Garbage Waste Grab Crane

Garbage Waste Grab Crane

The semi-automatic or automatic grab crane for waste handling is the core equipment of the municipal solid waste incineration plant's garbage supply system. The waste grab crane adopts the control scheme of IPC (industrial control computer) + HMI (touch screen) + PLC + frequency conversion speed regulation, which realizes the comprehensive monitoring of the whole machine and automatically controls the speed regulation function. It also adopts the motor dehumidification, moisture-proof technology, and crane paralleling technology. Crane intelligent monitoring technology, weighing and real-time measurement records, four-point "V"-shaped arrangement anti-swing technology, automatic grabbing and lifting technology and safety protection technology (lifting protection, falling protection, running protection, before and after the garbage pit Left and right pit wall protection, control room left and right protection and anti-collision protection between two vehicles, etc.).


Purpose: The semi-automatic grab crane for waste handling is the core equipment of the municipal solid waste incineration plant's garbage supply system. It is located above the rubbish storage pit and mainly takes charge of the feeding, handling, mixing, taking and weighing of garbage.

Feeding: When the garbage in the incinerator inlet is insufficient, the crane grabs the fermented garbage in the garbage pit and runs it to the top of the feed inlet to feed the feed hopper of the garbage incinerator.

Handling: The waste near the discharge gate is transported by garbage grab crane to other places in the pit, avoiding the jamming of the discharge gate, adjusting the amount of waste in the pit, and storing it for 3 to 5 days.

Stirring: Due to the high domestic water content of domestic waste and the low combustion value, garbage needs to stay in the storage pit for a certain period of time. Through natural compression and partial fermentation, the water content is reduced and the calorific value is increased. The mixing of old and new garbage can shorten the fermentation time. In addition, due to the complex composition of domestic garbage and large variations in the content of ingredients, in order to avoid excessive fluctuations in the nature of incoming waste, it is also necessary to carry out necessary agitation and mixing of the refuse in the pit.

Picking: Inadvertently enter the pit, but it is not suitable to remove the incinerated object.

Weighing: In order to count the actual incineration amount of garbage, before the garbage is put into the inlet of the incinerator, the garbage input to the inlet is weighed and measured by garbage grab crane.

Due to the high level of work of the garbage grab crane and the characteristics of the crane itself, it brings great challenges to the stable and reliable operation of the system. Our company has developed and summarized the operational characteristics of garbage grabs in the work of the lifting industry and developed A frequency conversion speed control method designed for garbage grab cranes was designed to enable the crane to operate stably and reliably. A crane handling system consisting of two garbage grab cranes (one work and one spare) is used to complete the garbage loading, dumping, mixing, material transfer, and breaking of materials for garbage incineration power plants. Each crane has its own independent electrical control system, operation console and HMI display panel, which can provide manual and semi-automatic control systems according to the needs of users. Hand, automatic switching is quick and easy.


1. Adopt international leading anti swing control technology;

2. Advanced and precise positioning technology;

3. Weighing management system and communication technology;

4. Control technology of hydraulic grab lifting while grasping;

5. Fault self diagnosis and remote monitoring and upgrading technology;

6. Intelligent garbage level height judgment technology (Fully automatic control);

7. Vector frequency control technology, siemens PLC control technology, CMS intelligent remote service management system, real-time monitoring equipment operation.

8. The garbage crane also has high requirements for the cable. The cable itself needs to have excellent performance such as wear resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, tensile strength, torsion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and corrosion resistance.


Cactus (Orange Peel)
Material handled
MSW(Municipal Solid Waste)/RDF
Bulk density
0.6-1.0 T/m3
No. of tines (jaws) with cylinder
Type of tines
Semi - Closed
Hydraulic Power Pack make
GERMANY PEINER SMAG IMPORT (Electromagnetic directional valve from Rexroth)
Motor protection
Motor Insulation class
Motor operation mode class
Hydraulic Pump type
Working Hydraulic Pressure
230 bars
Power Pack Capacity in kW
30KW(415V, 50hz)
Grab opening time ( Sec)
Grab Closing time ( Sec)
Material of the Main plates (Tines )
Q345B (China Standard)
Material of the Jaw bit & Pins
42CrMo & high strengthen wear-resistant, HR   C48 hardness
Power Supply Cable to Hydraulic Power Pack
CRD, Gear driven, positive driven
Sway Control
Yes, provided



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