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  • Grab Bucket EOT Crane
  • Grab Bucket EOT Crane
  • Grab Bucket EOT Crane

  • Grab Bucket EOT Crane
  • Grab Bucket EOT Crane
  • Grab Bucket EOT Crane

Grab Bucket EOT Crane

Grab Bucket EOT Crane

Specialized in handling Block or irregular shape of bulk materials, the double beam grab crane valve is with the great abrasive resistance, high strength and can grab the material very well. This grab is holding very wide application. Equipped with tower crane, ship crane, gantry crane, overhead crane, and other cranes to grab garbage, stone, steel scrap and block materials.


Double girder EOT crane with grab is a lifting appliance which depend on jaw opening and closing crawl and unloading bulk material.

According to be stacked capture material density is divided into light, medium, heavy, and super heavy.

TypeMaterialMaterial capacity (T/m3;)
LightCoke, slag, Cereals, potatoes, lime, cement blocks in anthracite, dirt, gravel, clay, brick0.5--1.2
MediumPeat, the bulk of anthracite, coal, limestone, clay compaction, gravel, salt, gravel, brick, alumina, iron sheet iron oxide, cement, water, sand etc.>1.2--2.0
HeavyLimestone, clay, a small piece of ore, hard rock, stick on shaped iron oxide, iron ore, lead ore concentrate>2.0--2.6
Super HeavyLump ore, manganese ore, bulk deposition of ore powder caking>2.6


I. Crane Detail of Mechanical Clamshell Grab Bucket EOT Crane

1.Strong beams:The crane beams are of welded construction, this result in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and smaller wheel loads.

2. End carriage:Crane travelling system, motor-reducer wheel driven system! Motor used soft start motor which result in very stable starting!

3.Durable performance and high efficiency,

4.Modern cabin control with air conditioner to separate operators from harsh environment,

5.Electrical equipment: Electric system are Siemens brand or Schneider brand,

6.Long service lift with a low-maintenance

II. Application of Clamshell Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

Widely used to transport, assemble, load and unload incompact goods in mine, port, factory, workshop, warehouse, and goods yard, etc. Crane's open direction is divided into parallel and vertical with main beam and the grab can be double or four wire rope, mechanical or electric type according to different work duty and materials


Lifting Capacity (T)51020
Max. Lifting Height (M)201822
Span (M)10.5-31.5
Working SystemA6
Speed (M/Min)TrolleyHoisting40.140.748.6
Bridge travelling93.7-114.4112.5-10187.3
Weight (T)Trolley5.2/5.98.2/9.119.3/20.4
GrabVolume (CUM)2.5-0.755-1.510--3
Dead   weight  (KG)2632-25464800-47939812-10123
Rail   recommended43kg/m,   QU70
Power Source3Phase AC 380V 50HZ (As your demand)



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