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  • Warehouse Cranes
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  • Warehouse Cranes
  • Warehouse Cranes
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Warehouse Cranes

Warehouse Cranes

Warehouse Crane is widely used in workshops and stockyards of machinery manufacturing workshops, metallurgical workshops, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, civil aviation, power stations, papermaking, building materials, and electronics industries. It has the advantages of compact dimensions, low building clearance, light weight, and low wheel pressure.


Warehouse cranes system plays a central role in improving your work efficiency and productivity.

Warehouse cranes type: warehouse overhead crane, warehouse mobile gantry crane, warehouse jib crane, workstation cranes;

Warehouse overhead crane is installed on the track of the fixed span of the building, consists of bridge frame, cart running mechanism, lifting trolley (with lifting mechanism and trolley traveling mechanism), electrical equipment, etc. There are different types of overhead cranes for you to choose from, including single girder crane, double girder crane, top running crane and underhung crane.

Warehouse mobile gantry crane is manufactured for lifting equipment, loading and unloading of the warehouse, maintaining heavy-duty equipment and transporting materials, applicable for small and medium factory. The best advantage of the crane is Omni-directional movability, fast to assembly, small volume, can be moved to another are only with a minibar.

Warehouse jib cranes is a new generation of light hoisting equipment made for modern production, which is suitable for high-reliability electric chain hoistsSinoko jib cranes are suitable for almost any kind of workstation.

Workstation cranes can be flexible manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation according to the working conditions. Sinokocrane make it free standing crane modular design, the standard profiles are bolted together, easy to installation & transportation.


  1. Compact overall size, Low clearance height, Small wheel load makes warehouse crane can save factory space and investment cost

  2. Advanced technology and excellent professional knowledge makes Sinoko warehouse crane outstanding in the same kinds of hoisting products.

  3. Perfect after-sale service and Rich expertise guidance free you from material handling troubles.

  4. Competitive price and excellent quality makes Sinoko warehouse crane your optimal choice.

  5. There are two distinct control forms supplied for the Warehouse crane , one is ground control with a rope handle, another is the remote control. A customized warehouse crane also would be produced by our company on the basis of clear requirements.


To buy a warehouse crane perfectly met your workshops requirements, you must have a clear mind in what kinds of specific workshop crane specifications you need for your industry. The main specification of workshop crane is as follows for your reference.

Warehouse overhead crane specification:

Lifting Height(m)
Working Class

Lifting Speed


Cross Traveling




Warehouse jib crane specification:

Load capacity0.5 to 10 tons
Arm Length3 m 12 m
Rotation angle360°
Work dutyA3

Warehouse mobile gantry cranesspecification:

Load capacity0.25 to 10 tons
Span2 m 12 m
Lifting speed2.1 to 11.5 m/min
Hoist running speed27 to 40 m/min
Crane running speed42 to 75 m/min
Work dutyA4, A5, A6, A7

Workstation crane specification

Lifting Capacity50 kg to 2000 kg
Lifting Height1 m to 10 m
Span1 m to 9 m
Crane Control OptionsPush Button Pendants
Hoist Powerelectric, manual
Hoist Running Powermanual

Our warehouse cranes are flexible, multifunctional tools designed specifically for a factory environment. Working closely with machine builders, pulp-and-paper experts and engineering companies, we provide you with high-quality cranes and lifting systems built to perform and last.



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