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  • OH Monorail Crane
  • OH Monorail Crane
  • OH Monorail Crane
  • OH Monorail Crane

  • OH Monorail Crane
  • OH Monorail Crane
  • OH Monorail Crane
  • OH Monorail Crane

OH Monorail Crane

OH Monorail Crane

OH Monorail Crane (also electric single-girder bridge crane) is designed by our company with the current world advanced level. This product has advanced technology and design in accordance with international standards: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), ISO (International). It has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight, outstanding structural design, etc. It can effectively save plant space and investment cost, and walk structure. Unique features, is your best choice.

Application: Metallurgy, power generation, machinery,mining, port, petrochemical and others


OH Monorail Crane (Overhead Monorail Crane) is a type of material handling equipment used for lifting and transporting heavy loads in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and construction. It consists of a single rail, typically made of steel or aluminum, on which a trolley or carrier is mounted. The trolley or carrier is equipped with a hoist mechanism that can lift, lower, and move the load along the rail.

This type crane is used in conjunction with low clearance electric hoist, rated lifting capacity 3.2t~16t, It is especially suitable for occasions such as material handling and precision assembly of large parts that require precise positioning. The working ambient temperature is -25-45°C.

The main components of an overhead monorail crane:

Monorail: A single rail that serves as the path for the trolley or carrier. 

Trolley/Carrier: A wheeled device that travels along the monorail, carrying the hoist and the load. It can be manually pushed or powered by electricity.

Hoist: The lifting mechanism attached to the trolley or carrier, used to raise and lower the load. Hoists can be chain, wire rope, or pneumatic types, and are powered by electricity or compressed air.

Lifting attachment: The component that connects the hoist to the load, such as hooks, slings, or grabbers.


◆ Small size, light weight

◆ Smooth operation, low noise

◆ Anti-corrosion, maintenance-free

◆ Fast action, high reliability

◆ Maintenance-free, self-regulating

◆ Dust-proof design, long service life


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TypeSingle Girder Overhead Crane
Span7.5m - 28.5m
Lifting Height6m - 35m
Max. Lifting Load20 tons
Rated Loading Capacity10t
Working GradeM5
Power Source380V, 50Hz, 3-phase
ApplicationMetallurgy, power generation, machinery mining, port, petrochemical, and others
CertificationISO, CE, SGS
OEM & ODMAccepted



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