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  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane
  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane
  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane
  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane

  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane
  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane
  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane
  • Steel Pipe Handling Crane

Steel Pipe Handling Crane

Steel Pipe Handling Crane

The Steel Pipe Handling Crane by Sinokocranes is a purpose-engineered lifting solution designed specifically for the challenging task of moving and handling steel pipes in industries such as oil, gas, and manufacturing. The special lifting clamp and beams help to do the complicated work for pipe pile production and lifting work. Sinokocranes could supply a whole pipe pile lifting crane solution.Built with durability, precision, and safety in mind, this crane offers unparalleled performance and efficiency, all while maintaining the highest industry safety standards.


Sinokocranes' Steel Pipe Handling Crane is a testament to innovative engineering, specifically designed to cater to the needs of industries working with steel pipes. It facilitates the easy, safe, and efficient transport of steel pipes, reducing the risk of damage and improving overall workflow. Whether it's moving pipes within a factory or loading and unloading them for transportation, this crane is built to handle the job.

The automatic hanging jig for the pipe pile production pipe pile lifting crane needs to provide sufficient power, and the power is divided into two types, hydraulic and pneumatic.

At present, the domestic development of the fixture for pipe pile lifitng crane is still based on gas as the power source, it has the following characteristics:
1, green, adequate air, ready to add.

2, pneumatic transmission speed, remote air supply.

3, the cylinder rod is flexible and quick to move.

4, Pneumatic system is simple, the pressure is small, the production process and maintenance are convenient, the procurement of accessories is easy, and many pneumatic equipments are used by pipe pile production enterprises, so the pneumatic system itself is also a system that they are familiar with and easy to master.

5, security: in the design principle of all fixtures must have their own self-locking, can be mechanically self-locking, it can also be a mechanical principle of self-locking, fixtures have a self-locking characteristics, when the following conditions are also absolutely safe : When the heavy object is lifted off the ground, the power is turned off, the air is blown, the air leaks, the wall is hit, the misoperation or even the misoperation is applied and the external force is applied. The heavy object will never fall.
6, reliability: pipe pile production line conditions are very poor, the fixture itself in this environment need to withstand the test: beat, collision, and even poor maintenance, jaw wear and so on.
7, versatility: the domestic mold standard confusion, fixtures should have versatility, basically do not request the model.

8, The use of fixtures will greatly eliminate the safety hazards of pipe pile production, the rational layout of production lines, and the scientific and reasonable supporting use of fixtures, which can reduce labor hazards while eliminating labor hazards and will not affect production efficiency.

Also we have a lot of different type of crane lifting solution for Pipe Pile Workshop.


Specialized Lifting Mechanism: Designed specifically for lifting and moving steel pipes, ensuring safe and secure operations.

High Lifting Capacity: Able to handle heavy loads, perfect for large and heavy steel pipes.

Flexible Operation: Engineered for both horizontal and vertical movement, facilitating efficient pipe positioning and transport.

Robust Design: Built to withstand the rigors of handling steel pipes in challenging industrial environments.

Advanced Control System: Allows for precise handling and positioning of pipes, enhancing operational efficiency.


Lifting CapacityUp to 30 tons
Span LengthUp to 25 meters
Lifting HeightUp to 20 meters
Power SourceElectric
ControlWireless Remote Control, Cabin Control
Safety FeaturesEmergency Stop, Overload Protection, Limit Switch
Rail TypeSingle Beam or Double Beam

Elevate your steel pipe handling operations with Sinokocranes' Steel Pipe Handling Crane. Experience efficiency, safety, and precision like never before. Contact us today to learn more about how our Steel Pipe Handling Crane can revolutionize your workflow.



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