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  • Monorail Crane
  • Monorail Crane
  • Monorail Crane
  • Monorail Crane

  • Monorail Crane
  • Monorail Crane
  • Monorail Crane
  • Monorail Crane

Monorail Crane

Monorail Crane

Monorail Crane also called single beam crane or single girder crane, It is a kind of light duty cranes popular using for workshop, warehouse, maintenance, material transfering etc.

Working temperature: -25°C ~ +40°C.
Lifting capacity: 0.25-20ton
Span length: 7.5-32mtrs
Lifting height: 6-30mtrs
Working duty: Class A3- A5
Power: AC 3Ph 380V 50Hz or according to client's requirement
Control mode: Cabin control/remote control/control panel with pendant line


monorail crane

The Monorail Crane is a cutting-edge lifting solution that offers exceptional efficiency, versatility, and safety for various industries. This innovative crane system is designed to streamline material handling processes, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for transporting heavy loads in a wide range of environments. With its unique design and advanced features, the Monorail Crane stands out as a top choice for businesses seeking to enhance their lifting operations.

Monorail Crane Component

Main beam structure of monorail crane

The main beam of European monorail crane adopts optimized design, with advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and strong rigidity. The main beam is divided into H-beam structure and box beam structure. It is welded by steel plate and belongs to single main. In the form of beam structure, the upper crown coefficient and the vertical circle coefficient meet the national standards. The steel plate material is made of a domestic steel material and the material is Fe37 or Fe52 (similar to the domestic steel Q235B or Q345B). The manufacturing process is based on European standards and the product is fully automatic. When the welder welds the web, the entire blank is cut by the 40m CNC and the plate is cut as a whole. No other scrap is used. The crown curve is automatically shaped, smooth and beautiful. The main welding seam adopts automatic submerged arc welding and non-destructive testing. After the welding, the entire beam is shot blasted to reach Sa2.5 level. The welding stress is eliminated. The surface of the entire machine is made of epoxy zinc-rich paint. Two sides and eight sides, paint color can be customized according to customer requirements, finished appearance is beautiful, shiny and good.

● End beam structure of monorail crane

The end beam structure material is rectangular steel pipe or steel plate welded and the steel material is 6Mn. After the end beam is manufactured and formed, it is positioned once by the CNC machine tool to avoid reprocessing, ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the end beam and the matching tolerances. The end beam is equipped with flat wheels or double Rim wheel, anti-bearing bearing, anti-derailment protection device, large car buffer block, anti-rail derailment end plate, main beam and end beam are connected by high-strength bolts to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the whole machine. The end beam and main beam adopt high strength of 10.9 grade. Bolt connection to ensure the strength and accuracy of the whole structure. The size of the car adopts a three-in-one drive mechanism, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, hardened tooth surfaces, disc brake car drive IP55, class F insulation, and the continuation rate of electricity is 40% .

● Electrical section of monorail crane

The power supply is in the form of a safety wire contact. The phase loss protection function is provided. The lifting, carriage, and cart are independently controlled by the three agencies. They can be operated separately or simultaneously. The parts are insulated with plastic sleeves, and all cables are marked with an identification number. It is easy to identify the trolley's mobile power supply system. The cable uses the crane's special PVC flat cable, and the pressure rating is up to 450/750V. The trolley's mobile power supply system consists of flat cable, galvanized slide rail and small cable pulley, smooth sliding and no noise. The electric control box adopts a special anti-vibration contactor electric control box for cranes, which has anti-corrosion properties, and the protection level reaches IP5. All connections use heavy-duty aviation plugs and sockets, sealing is good, and the plug-in firm control box has a reasonable layout and is easy to maintain.

●Hook of monorail crane

The hook group is made of large-diameter nodular cast iron. The pulleys and hooks are anti-abrasive roller bearing hooks. They can rotate 360 degrees. The hook forgings are quenched and tempered steel. The material is 34CrMoV (DINI7200 standard). The spring is pressed tightly. The safety buckle is more secure.

●Other of monorail crane

The three-in-one motor anti-dropping protection of the entire vehicle and trolley prevents accidental fall. In addition, the rain protection cover of the lifting mechanism, electric control box and drive mechanism is installed to extend the service life of the main components. The installation of sound and light alarm devices and wireless anti-collision devices greatly enhances the safety factor for cranes. Double button, easy to operate, no need to set up a professional driver.


What Are The Advantages of Monorail Crane?

  • Lower upfront costs due to less material and faster installation.

  • The most economical choice for light to medium duty cranes.

  • Weight overload protective device

  • Top quality polyurethane buffer

  • Crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch

  • Low voltage protection function

  • Emergency stop system

  • Laser anti-collision system

Customized Monorail Crane

The standardized design of Sinoko electric monorail crane can optimize the use of facility space. The configuration of single-girder cranes is standardized and can be combined with our hoist series to achieve maximum space utilization. In addition, single-girder cranes are also lighter in weight.

In order to provide a suitable overhead crane system for your plant, please inform us of your specific requirements, including but not limited to:

customized crane


Lifting capacity(T)1,2,3,5,10T16,20T
Crane travelling mechanismTravelling speed(m/min)20/3020/30
Rotation (m/min)13801380
Lifting mechanismElectric hoist modelCD1/MD1MD1/HC
Electric hoist travelling mechanismLifting speed (m/min)8,8/0.8 7,7/0.73.5 3.5/0.35
Lifting height (m)6 ,9 ,12, 18, 24, 3012,18,24,30
Travelling speed (m/min)20(30)20(30)
MotorTaper Squirrel-cage typeTaper Squirrel-cage type
Work dutyA3-A5
Power supply380V 50HZ three phase
Wheel diameter270mm370mm
Tread of trail37-70mm37-70mm



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