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  • Industrial Overhead Crane
  • Industrial Overhead Crane
  • Industrial Overhead Crane

  • Industrial Overhead Crane
  • Industrial Overhead Crane
  • Industrial Overhead Crane

Industrial Overhead Crane

Industrial Overhead Crane

Sinoko Industrial Overhead Crane is a new generation of innovative products with superior performance, compact structure, light weight, safety and reliability, and efficient operation, and can meet a variety of industry working conditions.


Sinoko Industrial Overhead Crane is a new type of crane based on the introduction and digestion of advanced technology, guided by the modular design theory, using modern computer technology as a means to introduce optimized design and reliable design methods. It uses advanced configurations, new materials, and new processes which features light weight, energy-saving, environment-friendly, maintenance-free and high-tech.

Safe, reliable, high-performance crane components

With hundreds of thousands of crane application expertise accumulated, from crane solutions for small workshops to organizing extensive material logistics concepts for large manufacturers, our industrial overhead cranes can be used as load transport solutions for various companies. Our high-performance cranes are designed to meet specific customer requirements and are efficient, reliable and with maximum safety in every application.

Therefore, if you are in the market for an industrial crane, you can rely on our equipment to provide you with the right crane for every application. We have outstanding industry solutions in the following industries:

  • Cement

  • Glass

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Concrete

  • Bricks

  • Aviation

To learn more about the overhead cranes we carry, simply ask us today for the specifics of the load you need to lift. From there, we'll be able to work with you and your team and provide advice and more information on each of our crane components.


Advantages of Overhead Crane

1. Reduce customer investment, make full use of plant space, improve production efficiency
2. Good combination, various specifications, product lines is complete, you can cover most of the needs of customers
3. Safe and reliable, advanced design concepts, mature technology to ensure product design
4. Advanced control technology and high quality key components ensure excellent crane performance
5. Reliable performance, low failure rate, lower use and post-maintenance costs
6. Intelligent equipment, set aside a variety of functional interfaces to make functional expansion easier

Industrial Overhead Crane Main beam section

1. The main beam is designed with a box shaped Ankang h-shaped steel structure, which is similar to the traditional first simple driving type, and weighs more
2. Non-destructive inspection of the main welds
3. Steel plate materials use domestic general steel (Q235B)
4. Vertical winding is the national standard of China
5. As with traditional Chinese cranes, all steel plates are pretreated to achieve Sa2.5 standardization
4. Carefully inspect and clean the steel plate before welding, it usually by automatic welding (MIG or semi-automatic welding)

Industrial Overhead Crane End Beam section

1. The end beam is welded and formed with rectangular steel tube or steel plate. After forming, the end beam is positioned at a time in the CNC machine tool to reach the allowable deviation range to ensure the national dimension precision and tolerance
2. Each end beam is equipped with double wheel rim of the wheel, the buffer and the derailment protection device
3. The main beam and the end beam are connected with high strength bolts to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the whole machine

Components for Overhead Cranes

Low headroom wire rope hoist: These hoists are user-friendly assets to any operation, as they can be easily assembled and maintained. In addition to this convenience, these units also provide strong performance in the form of high load capacity and lifting ranges.

Open Winch Trolleys: With a modular design, our trolleys deliver reliable operation.  Designed to be easy to maintain, open winch trolleys are crafted to meet your specific needs.


Universal Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Capacity1~20 tons
Lift heightMax. 90 m
Work dutyM3~M6
Protection classIP54/IP55
Working temperature-20~+60℃

Universal Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Capacity1~500 tons
Spanup to 35 m
Lifting speed5/0.38 m/min or customized
Traveling speed0~40 m/min
Cross Speed0~100 M/Min (VVVF)
Working ClassM3-M6
SpecificationCE, ISO

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