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Factory Handling Equipment Hoist Crane

Factory Handling Equipment Hoist Crane

Based on KONE's technology, SINOKO Factory Handling Equipment Hoist Crane is compact, light weight, excellent performance, easy for maintenance, smooth for continuous working.


The components of SINOKO Factory Handling Equipment Hoist Crane are advanced, such as galvanized high strength wire rope, self-adjust disk brake and hard tooth reducer both for lifting mechanism, programmable lifting limiter, and so on, is the innovative product in the domestic crane industry. The crucial components of SINOKO cranes are the product from KONE Group SWF company, and the production of the components are manufactured according to the KONE's drawing and meets the requirement.



The main beam adopts bias-rail box-type structure and connects with end beam by high-strength bolt ensuring easy operation. The professional equipments ensure the connection accuracy of main end beam, making crane run steadily.








Long crane & cross trolley travelling mechanism adopt Europe three-in-one drive type, harden tooth surface gear box, good performance in compact structure, low noise, none oil leakage and longer service life.






Full variable-frequency control runs steadily without any impaction. Run with at low speed and light load at high speed, it can save energy and reduce consumption.







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