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  • Power Plant Turbine crane
  • Power Plant Turbine crane
  • Power Plant Turbine crane
  • Power Plant Turbine crane

  • Power Plant Turbine crane
  • Power Plant Turbine crane
  • Power Plant Turbine crane
  • Power Plant Turbine crane

Power Plant Turbine crane

Power Plant Turbine crane

Sinokocranes can provide standard turbine room cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 500 tons. If two cranes are used in parallel, the lifting capacity can reach 1,000 tons. Such cranes can help you safely and accurately install and adjust turbines, generators and other process equipment.


Turbine Handling Cranes

Sinokocranes Overhead cranes for turbine maintenance are specialized cranes used in industrial settings for lifting and transporting heavy loads. Because the lifting handling products are very expensive, but the working frequency of crane system is not so high, we generally suggest that the clients can adopts the main –auxiliary hook model. The main hook can be used to lift the electricity generator unit, and the auxiliary hook can be used to make maintenance and replace the spare parts. As the equipment needs assembly, so they has a higher accuracy requirements about the crane system. We generally use absolute encoder to improve the lifting accuracy. It can not only meet the use of equipment functions, but also reduce the cost for customers. Based on different needs of customers and different situation on-site, we can also tailor the right proper equipment.


Turbine handling cranes are typically used in industrial environments for applications such as lifting and transporting heavy loads, transferring materials between two points, and unloading and loading heavy equipment onto vessels. They can also be used for inspecting, repairing, or replacing components of a turbine.



Infinitely variable speed control for precise positioning
User-friendly operator control mechanism
Optimize hook proximity to maximize lifting capacity

Safety and ergonomics
Aisles and platforms leading to the maintenance area
Failsafe operator control mechanism
Overload protection system
Optional single fault protection design available

More controllable, less maintenance
Direct access to maintenance points
Based on years of experience in nuclear power, further optimization of maintainability
Forged steel wheels with high-precision bearing boxes significantly extend the life of wheels and rails

Electrical enclosure designed for easy maintenance

They often feature a control system to ensure precise operations, load monitoring systems to ensure safety, and anti-collision systems to prevent accidents.  Additionally, they are usually designed to be able to access challenging areas as well as have a sturdy, stable platform from which to work.



Parameters for turbine handling cranes usually include lifting capacities, operating radii, max heights, power sources, and control type. Other parameters may include anti-collision systems, load monitoring systems, auto-leveling, and dual-axis control. Certain models may also be designed to be used in hazardous environments and to comply with specific safety regulations.

If you need turbine handling cranes, please contact us for a quote.



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