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  • Refuse Crane
  • Refuse Crane
  • Refuse Crane

  • Refuse Crane
  • Refuse Crane
  • Refuse Crane
  • Refuse Crane

Refuse Crane

Refuse Crane

Refuse cranes are bridge cranes with grabs, also known as grab cranes, which are lifting devices used for garbage and garbage management in garbage incineration plants, also known as garbage cranes or waste handling cranes. The refuse crane is an overhead crane installed on the top of the garbage storage pit, which is mainly responsible for the feeding, handling, mixing, extraction and weighing of garbage.

Standard refuse crane have a capacity of 5 to 20 tons and a typical span of 10.5 to 31.5 meters.

With wealth of experience in crane manufacturing industry, we can provide customers with superior quality overhead cranes custom designed to meet all kinds of lifting requirements. 


Sinokocranes orange peel grab bucket overhead crane for handling scrap

Refuse cranes come in a range of capacities and sizes to handle large amount of bulk materials efficiently and safely.

Designed according to your lifting requirements and operating environment, Sinoko refuse cranes provide you with reliability and superior performance in a compact and robust design. Ergonomic and versatile, the crane can be operated in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode, and a custom-made refuse crane is the most cost-effective way to handle garbage.


1, Multiple operation modes are available for selection, cabin, pendant and wireless remote control.

2, Strong environmental applicability.
3, Double lifting system, lifting and open-close system.
4, High strength structure, good stability.
5, A variety of speed regulation mode, smooth operation.
6, Fasf speed, high efficiency.


Rated load/ton5
Lifting height/m22
Working classA6/3M
Lifting speed/m/min
Open-close speed/m/min
Trolley running speed/m/min
Crane running speed/m/min


Dead weight/t


Number of wheel
Max.wheel pressure/KN
Steel track recommended
Power supply
3AC 220~480V 50/60Hz



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