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  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane
  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane
  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane
  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane

  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane
  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane
  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane
  • 7.5 ton Bridge Crane

7.5 ton Bridge Crane

7.5 ton Bridge Crane

The 7.5 ton bridge crane has high structural quality and good daily operation performance. Also, it has a reasonable price and high-quality construction.  

Our professional crane experts and engineers can customize products. you can also choose  7.5 ton single girder overhead crane or double girder overhead crane. 

Load Capacity: 7.5 ton

Working Class: A5-A6

Way to Control: Pendant Push Button / Wireless Remote Controller / Cabin

Application area: Factory,workshop,warehouse,power station,logstic,etc.

Working temperature: -20 ~ 40 ℃


European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane

European standard 7.5 ton bridge craneare strictly fabricated in accordance with DIN, FEM, ISO standards. The production and inspection process are strictly following European standard.

Single girder overhead cranes have only one main girder with 1 or 2 electric wire ripe hoists. The duty group of this type cranes are FEM 2m , it bellongs a middle heavy duty cranes. This type single girder bridge cranes is much suitable for light industrial applications. The safety working load range is from 0.5ton to 32ton. According to clients actual usage, there are different single girder cranes for clients selecting.


1) Superior performance, stable, safe, reliable
2) Easy installation and maintenance
3) Reasonable ergonomics
4) Modulus design, variable frequency to adjust the speed, automatically inspection
5) overload protection, over-current protection, voltage-losing protection and the other complete protection


European Type 7.5 ton Single Girder Bridge Crane drawing




Single Girder Bridge Crane

Load Capacity


Lifting height

3 ~ 80 m or customized

Cross Speed

0~30 M/Min (VVVF)

Working Class



Henan, China

Working temperature

-20 ~ 40 ℃

Way to Control

Pendant Push Button / Wireless Remote Controller / Cabin





HS Code


Safety device

Buffer,current overload protection,overload device,power failure protection

Application area

Factory,workshop,warehouse,power station,logstic,etc.



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