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  • 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane
  • 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane
  • 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane

  • 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane
  • 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane
  • 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane

5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane

5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane

5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane is very popular because of the reliable price and easymaintenance. 5 ton Monorail hoist crane specifications main structure include one single main beam, two end beams and electric hoist as lifting; so 5 ton Monorial hoist crane for sale with relatively much cheaper price compared to double girder overhead crane. And what we need to mention is that our 5 ton EOT crane service life up to 30 years or even longer.widely used in factory, workshop, warehouse and cargo yard, forbid to be used in corrosive and explosive places.

Working temperature: -25°C ~ +40°C.
Lifting capacity: 0.25-20ton
Span length: 7.5-32mtrs
Lifting height: 6-30mtrs
Working duty: Class A3
Power: AC 3Ph 380V 50Hz or according to client's requirement
Control mode: Cabin control/remote control/control panel with pendant line


European standard 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane is belongs to light duty crane, can be used with single or double speed lifting hoist.
If the workshop clearance height is limited, the 5 ton Monorail Hoist Crane is recommended to save the above clearance space and below lifting height.


1. Low headroom

2. Smart driving, higher efficiency

3. Stepless control trolley

4. Hardened gear

5. IP55 Protection, F/ H Insulation

6. Heavy duty motor, 60%ED rating

7. Over heating, Overloading protect

8. Electromagnetic disk brake

9. Super drum, longer rope lifetime

10. DIN 34CrMo4 hook, Class T

11. Maintenance free


Item5 ton monorail hoist crane
Main Electrical SystemSchneider Brand
Frequency converter/VVVFDriveSchneider Converter
Lifting mechanismABM/SEW Three in One Mechanism (Motor & Reducer & Brake)
Travelling MechanismDONLY Three in One Mechanism
Wire Rope Safety Factor5 times
Wire Rope DrumRolling Steel Plate
BearingSKF / drum, hook set, pulley.
Crane wheelForged type-42CrMo
Travelling cableHigh Temperature Resistance
BufferCableBlack rubber buffer
Power Source/ Control Voltage380V 50HZ 4P AC/48Vw
Motor Insulation & StatorProtectionClass H & IP54
Working Temperature60℃
Cover Plate under BeamQ345B
Main structure Steel materialQ235
PaintingShot blast Cleaning Dispose- 2 Grade, Epoxy Primer,Anti-corrosion Paint, Polyurethane surface painting
Safety FeatureLifting and travelling limit switches; Emergency Stop; Loss voltage protection;Grounded protection; Overload protection ;Short circuit protection; Overheating protection; Over speed protection ;Over current protection; Faulted phase protection



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