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  • 450 ton Overhead Crane
  • 450 ton Overhead Crane
  • 450 ton Overhead Crane
  • 450 ton Overhead Crane

  • 450 ton Overhead Crane
  • 450 ton Overhead Crane
  • 450 ton Overhead Crane
  • 450 ton Overhead Crane

450 ton Overhead Crane

450 ton Overhead Crane

The 450 ton overhead crane is a heavy-duty lifting solution designed for industrial applications that require the handling of extremely heavy loads. With its robust construction and advanced features, this crane provides efficient and reliable lifting operations in various industries.

It has following advantages: light weight, small room occupy, low cost maintaining, high performance, safety and reliability, excellent structure design and fast easy positioning. Such a design could save the space and investment of the workshop.


The 450 ton overhead crane is a high-capacity lifting equipment that utilizes either a double girder design, depending on the specific requirements of the project. It is engineered to handle heavy loads with precision, ensuring smooth and safe material handling operations.

All the technology and design is based on the International standard: DIN, FEM, ISO. In addition, its special travelling structure is also your best choice. The electric double girder crane is applied to handle materials in many industries' workshop and warehouse, such as machinery manufacture, warehouse, logistic, food, paper making, electronics industries workshop and other material handling situations.


Main Beam:

The main beam features a box-type structure, ensuring easy transportation and stability during crane operation.

High-strength bolt connections between the main beam and end beams guarantee structural integrity.

End beams are constructed from rectangular steel pipes and undergo precise CNC machine tool positioning processing.

Each end beam is equipped with a double wheel rim wheel group, buffer, and anti-derailment protection device.


Maximum space utilization allows for efficient use of available workspace.

Precise operation enables accurate positioning of loads with minimal errors.

Low maintenance cost reduces overall maintenance expenses.

Minimal fault downtime ensures continuous productivity.

Minimum hook limit space and distance optimize the use of vertical space.

Standard World-Renowned Brands:

SEW and ABM three-in-one type motor for reliable and high-performance operation.

Schneider electric parts ensure quality and durability.

Drum, Steel Wire Rope, Rope Guide:

High-quality seamless pipe drum processed by CNC machine tool to prevent rope loose and tangling.

High-strength imported wire rope with excellent safety performance and extended service life.

Standard rope guide made from engineering plastics with abrasion resistance and self-lubricating properties.

Lifting Mechanism Gear Box:

Aluminum alloy material for lightweight and corrosion resistance.

Semi-grease lubricant in a fully sealed box ensures full lubrication and maintenance-free operation.

Surface hardening and high-precision grinding of gears ensure stable running and reliability.

ABM three-in-one type drive provides stable operation, low noise, and reliable quality.

Inverter Control:

Inverter control system allows for smooth and precise speed control of the lifting mechanism.

Ensures stable running and enhanced safety during crane operation.

Advantage of 450 ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

1. Compact design allows for optimal utilization of work areas, maximizing space efficiency.

2. Easy load control and precise positioning of loads for efficient material handling operations.

3. Superior safety and reliability ensure secure lifting operations and minimize the risk of accidents.

4. Minimum and easy maintenance requirements reduce downtime and increase productivity.

5. Comprehensive solutions for all your crane and hoist needs, providing a convenient "One-Stop Shop" experience.

Experience the benefits of our compact, reliable, and efficient crane solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find the perfect lifting solution for your needs.


Span22.5m - 37.5m
Crane Weight140t - 210t
Max. Wheel Load705kN -769kN
Min. Wheel Load80kN - 120kN 
Lifting Speed0 - 1.0 m/min
Trolley Speed0 - 18 m/min
Bridge Speed0 - 32 m/min

Contact us today to discuss your heavy lifting needs and explore the possibilities of our 450 ton overhead bridge crane. Our team of experts will provide personalized solutions and ensure efficient and reliable lifting operations for your industry.



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