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  • 5 ton overhead crane price
  • 5 ton overhead crane price
  • 5 ton overhead crane price
  • 5 ton overhead crane price

  • 5 ton overhead crane price
  • 5 ton overhead crane price
  • 5 ton overhead crane price
  • 5 ton overhead crane price

5 ton overhead crane price

5 ton overhead crane price

Sinokocranes presents the ultimate lifting solution for your industrial operations – the premium 5 ton overhead crane. With unmatched quality, reliability, and competitive pricing, our overhead cranes are designed to optimize productivity and ensure safe and efficient material handling. Whether you need to lift heavy loads in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or construction site, our 5 ton overhead crane is the perfect choice.

Sinoko Cranes' European 5 ton overhead crane is much more common lifting equipment in modern industry, It is an important tool to increase production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

It can be widely used in metallurgical plants, warehouses, machinery plants, railway stations, loading and unloading steel materials, docks, scrap iron, iron filings and other materials, construction sites, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises, freight yards, yard, ports and other places.


Sinoko 5 ton overhead crane have the advantages of strong structure, durable, large working area, safe and reliable operation, high efficiency, easy maintenance, long life service, high site utilization, wide adaptability and versatility. The using of Sinoko overhead cranes not only speeds up the construction of automation in China and abroad, but also make lifting industry embarked on a new beginning.

The cost of a 5 ton overhead crane can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, specifications, features, and additional customization options. Generally, the price range for a standard 5 ton overhead crane can be between $15,000 and $40,000. However, it's important to note that this is just a rough estimate, and the actual cost can be higher or lower based on individual requirements.

Factors that can influence the cost of a 5 ton overhead crane include:

Span Length: The distance between the runway beams can affect the cost, as longer spans require more materials and structural support.

Lifting Height: The vertical distance the crane needs to lift loads can impact the crane's design and the cost of components such as the hoist and trolley.

Hoisting Speed: Higher hoisting speeds may require more powerful motors and specialized equipment, which can increase the overall cost.

Trolley Traveling Speed: Faster trolley traveling speeds may require more advanced motor systems and controls, contributing to the overall cost.

Crane Traveling Speed: Similar to the trolley, faster crane traveling speeds may require more robust motors and drive systems, affecting the price.

Duty Class: The duty class indicates the crane's intended usage and load capacity. Higher-duty class cranes are designed for more frequent and intense operations, and they usually come at a higher cost.

Customization: Additional customization options, such as specialized controls, radio controls, remote monitoring systems, or specific attachments, can increase the cost of the crane.


(1) Long service life, high safety, never falling off;

(2) Small current, small size, strong output power, high frequency use;

(3) Beautiful appearance of the product, strong anti-corrosion;

(4) The product runs smoothly, heavy objects will not shake;

(5) Reduce factory height, save construction cost, increase effective work area and reduce customer investment;

(6) Low noise, energy saving pipe environmental protection, light weight, safe and comfortable handling.


5 ton Overhead Crane Specifications

NameSINOKO hoist craneChian standard
Capacity5 ton
Max. testing load5*1.25ton1.25times rated capacity
Max. lifting height9m
SpeedLifting8/ 0.35m/minDouble speed
Cross travelling5-20m/minInovance Frequency Converter Control
Motor PowerLifting5.2/1.0 KWABM brand three in one motor
Cross travelling0.15KW*2SEW brand motor
Control methodPendent line control & Wireless romote controlGG Brand from Italy& SAGA1 Taiwan
Insulation classF class
Protection classIP54
Working dutyISO M5
Dead weight650kg

At Sinokocranes, we are a trusted and renowned brand in the industry, known for delivering top-quality lifting solutions. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your material handling capabilities. Choose Sinokocranes for unbeatable quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. Contact us now!



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