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  • 2 ton EOT Crane
  • 2 ton EOT Crane
  • 2 ton EOT Crane
  • 2 ton EOT Crane

  • 2 ton EOT Crane
  • 2 ton EOT Crane
  • 2 ton EOT Crane
  • 2 ton EOT Crane

2 ton EOT Crane

2 ton EOT Crane

 Sinokocrane is the leading european type wirerope hoist and EOT crane manufacture. We could supply most high quality level monorail eot crane with european type electric hoist.


This series of EOT Crane is matched with XKD series electric hoist
1.Design is based on FEM and CMAA70 standards.
2.With optimizing design and low headroom, the crane height is greatly reduced, to achieve higher lifting height under the same plant height.
3.With optimizing design and low wheel pressure, the crane height is greatly reduced, to achieve greater lifting capacity weight under the same strength of the workshop.
4.Wheel group with adjustable structure, to prevent the rail from gnawing.
5.Crane is controlled by Three-In-One mechanism with frequency conversion, to reduce the equipment noise.
6.Overload limiter, height limiter, Stroke limiter, photoelectric limiter and other security measures are equipped according to different working conditions, crane black box with recorded analysis functions can be added based on the customer requirements.
7.Lifting capacity: 1~20 t, non-standard customized crane can be produced. 


 Sinokocranes Single Beam EOT Crane have many inteligent function for optional :

Cranes in Tandem
Crane interlocking feature includes
1. FIX radio system: 2×transmitter + 2×receiver.
2. Transmitters and receivers including external antennas.
3. Connection cable from transmitter and receiver to interlocking panel.
4. Relays and RC-circuit assembly and wiring to bridge panel.
5. Electrical engineering and drawings.


1. When lifting a load simultaneously with two hooks of the same crane, Hoisting Synchronization supervises and controls both hooks so that they run at exactly the same speed.
2. Also works with imbalanced loading between the hoists.
3. Synchronization of hoisting is always activated, when the operator selects common hoist mode.

Load Floating

1. Holds the load at zero speed for a predefined time after the hoist motion stops.
2. Hoist motor provides the needed torque at the zero speed, hoist brake does not close.
3. Transition from hoisting to lowering takes place faster.
4. Starting the motion again is fast and smooth as the brake is already open.
5. The floating time can be adjusted: tipically 1~2 sec.
6. Similar Floating function is available to travelling motion.

Sway Control

Sway Control takes the crane operator’s speed command at the control and brings the load to the required speed while minimizing sway caused by acceleration and deceleration.

Restricted Load

Load restricted area can be in trolley movement direction or in bridge movement direction or both directions. Load restriction area can be symmetrical on both sides or single side restriction.
Common for both areas is that the restriction beginning from certain point until end of crane structure. This point is done with magnetic limit switch on runway or crane.


1. Inching provides a way for accurate load positioning.
2. Available for hoist motion or for all three main motions.
3. Inching increments can be preset ranging from 2 to 100mm: -Each motion can have different Inching Increment
4. Each activation of the joystick moves the motion the preset Inching

Micro Speed
1. Microspeed makes load control more precise.
2. Available for hoist motion or for all three motions.
3. Microspeed turns large joystick movement at the controls into slow and precise load movements.
4. The maximum microspeed can be preset from 1% to 99% of full motion speed.
5. Each motion can have different maximum microspeed.
6. Activated by On/Off selector in radio or pendant.
1. Microprecisely in tight spaces, increasing safety and protecting peed helps the operator control the load.
2. Useful in heavy lifting assembly applications, where very high load positioning accuracy is needed.

Extended Speed Range(ESR)
1. Extended Speed Range allows higher lifting and lowering speeds with partial loads.
2. With loads less than 20% of capacity, the hoist can be operated up to twice the speed at rated load.
3. Stepless ESR –The maximum allowed speed is automatically calculated based on the measured load.


European Standard Single Gider EOT Crane Have Following Advantage:
European standard (DIN/FEM) optimized design, light dead weight, small wheel load, small volume 
Max. lifting capacity: 20t
Flexible solution for all lifting needs
Excellent driving properties, frequency control of motor speed, smoothly moving

Mechanical Feature
Single welding box girder, beam deflection with DIN/FEM standard 
Steel Material: Fe37 or Fe52 (Equal to Chinese standard Q235B and Q345B)
Whole length CNC cutting for complete web plate, to ensure the precision and smooth curve shape of the camber
Trolley rail is made of high strength hot rolled flat steel (16 Mn)
Automatic submerged arc welded main weld with NDT inspection
Shot-blasting Sa2.5 for complete girder after welding, to achieve stress release
Epoxy zinc-rich painting for one bottoms and two sides of 120μm thick, to achieve a long lifespan, beautiful appearance and good luster
The girder and end beam are connected together by Class 10.9 high strength bolts to ensure the structure strength and precision of the whole machine
Trolley and crane are driven by Three-in-One driving mechanism, variable frequency speed regulation, the hard tooth face, electromagnetic disc brake
Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F, electrical sustained rate: 40% ED
The end beams are equipped with flat wheel or double rim wheels, anti-friction bearings, buffer blocks and derailment preventing end plate
Maintenance walkway is located on one side of the main girder, consisting of pattern plate, armrest (Height: 1050 mm), pillar and toe protection

Electrical System
Power supply: Safety sliding contact line
Equipped with protection function in case of default phase
Hoisting, trolley and crane movements are controlled separately. 
They can run simultaneously or independently.
Dedicated vibration control contactor for crane
The control panels are corrosion resistant, protection class is IP55
All the plug sockets are with heavy duty plug heads, reliable sealing and firm inserting
The layout of components in the control box is reasonable, easy to maintenance
Plug connection parts are protected by insulating plastic casing
All cables are coded with numbers, easy to identify
The movement of trolley is powered by insulated PVC flat cable which is specially designed for cranes, and stress level of it can reach to 450/750V
The mobile power supply system for trolley consists of flat cable, galvanized slides and small cable jigger to achieve smooth sliding

Lifting Mechanism
The most advanced lifting mechanism, good performance of maintenance free (Please refer to European style lifting mechanism-wire rope hoist)

Safety Protection
Anti-falling protection for the Three-in-One electric motor of trolley and crane prevents from accidental falling
Rain Cover: For lifting mechanism of outdoor cranes, electric cabinet and driving mechanism
Acousto-optic alarming device
Wireless anti-collision device

Control Mode
Easy to control, no additional driver necessary
Double block button to achieve safety stop
Following type or independent sliding type suspended under hoist
Protection class IP65
Lifespan: 500,000 times
Remote Control
Easy to control, no additional driver necessary, to operate more freely on the ground
Tens of Thousands of frequency points, non-interference with each other
Two steps push button or joystick station with emergency stop
Protection class IP65
Lifespan: 500,000 times



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