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  • 7.5 ton overhead crane
  • 7.5 ton overhead crane
  • 7.5 ton overhead crane

  • 7.5 ton overhead crane
  • 7.5 ton overhead crane
  • 7.5 ton overhead crane

7.5 ton overhead crane

7.5 ton overhead crane

As a professional manufacturer and service provider of electric hoists and cranes, SINOKO CRANES is committed to innovation, pursuing technological advancement and striving for excellence. It is committed to providing customers with professional, safer and more economical crane solutions.

The 7.5 ton overhead crane by Sinokocranes is an ideal solution for heavy-duty lifting and moving tasks within factories, warehouses, construction sites, and more. It combines cutting-edge technology with a sturdy construction to ensure smooth operation and maximize productivity.


The 7.5-ton overhead crane from Sinokocranes combines strength, precision, and durability to meet the demands of various industries, including manufacturing, warehouses, and workshops. This crane is engineered to handle medium-sized loads with ease, making it an ideal choice for tasks such as material handling, assembly, and maintenance.

Sinokocranes overhead cranes can be installed on traveling rails on the brackets of building pillars, has a relatively larger capacity and can utilize space below ceiling rafters, and so a wider lifting range is assured. Guiding the path using side rollers provides smooth traveling and the girders can be designed according to the rated load and span. Moreover, the shorter overall length of the end carriage and the gearedmotor installation in optimum position allows for a more effective use of work space.

7.5 ton Overhead CraneTypes

Single Girder Overhead Crane: Suitable for light to medium-duty applications with limited headroom.

Double Girder Overhead Crane: Ideal for heavy-duty tasks, providing increased lifting height and capacity.


European single girder overhead crane

CE Certified overhead crane is a compact lifting machinery designed and manufactured in the strict according with FEM, DIN and ICE standard.

CE Certified overhead crane wheel assembly are technically advanced and successfully used in different industries like steel plant, rolling mill, cement plant, fertilizer plant, paper mill, chemical industries, etc. Wheel material: ZG430-640 cast steel, 60#, 65$ 65Mn, 42CrMo, 45# or according to your demand.

traveling wheel

Space luxury cabin, large wide view, tempered class. easy open to clean. Ergonomic chair and flexible linkage control console, need professional crane drive.


Lifting Height(m)
Working Class

Lifting Speed


Cross Traveling





Sinokocranes is a renowned brand in the industrial crane industry, recognized for its top-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction. With years of expertise, Sinokocranes delivers reliable and durable overhead cranes that meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

Experience the power and efficiency of the 7.5 ton overhead crane by Sinokocranes. Contact us today to discuss your lifting requirements and let our experts provide you with a tailored solution for your business. Elevate your operations with Sinokocranes - your trusted partner in material handling.



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