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  • 15 ton overhead crane price
  • 15 ton overhead crane price
  • 15 ton overhead crane price
  • 15 ton overhead crane price

  • 15 ton overhead crane price
  • 15 ton overhead crane price
  • 15 ton overhead crane price
  • 15 ton overhead crane price

15 ton overhead crane price

15 ton overhead crane price

Sinoko European design 15 ton overhead crane is used widely in factory, workshop, mining field, warehouse, etc for general loading, unloading and transporting service, suitbale used for steel plant, machine manufacture and assembly workshops, metallurgy workshop and continuous production line.


As a material handling equipment, the 15 ton overhead crane can be used for material lifting and transportation in many different industries. It is the most commonly used type of crane. The crane adopts reliable motors and accessories to ensure high quality and safe work.

Our 15 ton overhead cranes are available in single or double beams depending on the client's work situation, and can be used in lift configurations. All these cranes can be customized according to special requirements.

Overview of Double Beam 15 Ton Overhead Crane

double-girder-overhead-crane-15-ton.jpgdouble girder overheadcrane  (2).jpgStructure of Double Beam Overhead Crane 15 Ton

•The main girder of bridge crane includes girder box, platform, pantograph and trolley rail.
•The trolley of bridge crane are assembled with motor, reducer, brake, trolley frame, drum, hook, pulley, rain cover and other parts. It includes lifting mechanism and cross traveling mechanism.
The Ground Beam of bridgecranes works as long traveling mechanism, and it combines with beam, Wheel,Motor, Reducer, Brake and Other Parts.
We choose high quality electric parts with rain cover. The power supply mode are cord reel. We could offer the top brand of electricity

Safety system of Double Beam Overhead Crane 15 Ton

• Traveling and lifting limit switch
• Overload protection device
• Voltage lower protection
• Emergency stop function
• Sound and light alarm
• Polyurethane buffer and long service bearing
• Rain cover for hoist, driving and electrical device

Overview of Single Beam 15 Ton Overhead Crane

Compared to double girder cranes, the production cost of single girder cranes is lower than that of double girder cranes because there is less material and shorter manufacturing time for single-girder cranes.


European-style single girder overhead crane has the advantages of small size, light weight, small headroom, and high lifting height.

Lifting capacity: 15 ton

Span length: 6 to 31.5m


• Reasonable structure and favorable performance.
• Smooth starting and stopping.
• Safe and reliable traveling, long life.
• Low noise, commodious cabin with good view.
• High quality automatic welding and NDT inspection.
• Crane drive: IP54, level F insulation.
• Designed according to your reques.


Specification of Double Beam Overhead Crane 15 Ton

double girder crane.jpg

Capacity15 tons
Spanup to 35 m
Lifting speed5/0.38 m/min or customized
Traveling speed0~40 m/min
Cross Speed0~100 M/Min (VVVF)
Working ClassM3-M6
SpecificationCE, ISO

Specification of Single Beam Overhead Crane 15 Ton

Capacity 15 tons
Lift height Max. 90 m
Span 7.5~40m
Work duty M3~M6
Protection class IP54/IP55
Working temperature -20~+60℃

15 Ton Overhead Crane Price

Customer's Price Concerns:

1. Cost-effectiveness: Customers are interested in finding the best value for their investment.

2. Budget planning: They want to determine if the price fits within their allocated budget.

3. Competitive analysis: Customers compare prices among different suppliers to make an informed decision.

The tonnage, span, lifting height and stroke of the crane are all factors that affect the price. We only know that the tonnage cannot calculate the price. When the tonnage is determined, we need to know the span, lifting height, stroke and other factors.

Why is the price of the overhead crane related to these factors? Because these factors all affect the amount of materials used in the crane, for example, a crane with a span of 20 meters and a lifting capacity of 15 tons is definitely more expensive than a crane with a span of only 10 meters. In addition, cranes with different spans may have different manufacturing process requirements.

ModelCustomization RangeReference Price
Single Girder Overhead CraneCapacity: 10-32 ton$ 6500 – 30000
Span: Up to 31.5m (customization)
Double Girder Overhead CraneCapacity: 10-100 ton, (Can Up to 500ton)$ 15000 – 180000
Span: Up to 31.5m (customization)

Sinoko is a manufacturer specializing in the production of bridge crane and gantry cranes. If you want to know how much a 15 ton overhead crane costs, please contact us. After confirming various parameters, we will provide customers with a detailed quotation.



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