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  • 3.2 ton Bridge Crane
  • 3.2 ton Bridge Crane
  • 3.2 ton Bridge Crane

  • 3.2 ton Bridge Crane
  • 3.2 ton Bridge Crane
  • 3.2 ton Bridge Crane

3.2 ton Bridge Crane

3.2 ton Bridge Crane

European-type 3.2 ton bridge crane is a new type of crane developed independently by Sinoko Crane. The new crane is relative to the old-fashioned domestic crane. European overhead cranes have the following advantages over old-fashioned domestic cranes:

Low headroom design can effectively reduce the height of the plant and save plant design costs.

Small size can reduce the space.

Operation and maintenance costs are low.

In addition, the European crane has a lighter weight and improves its carrying capacity.

High performance, new additions and innovations such as anti-swaying.

European crane control is simple and convenient.


The 3.2 ton bridge crane is categorized as a light-duty bridge crane. Thanks to advancements in technology and improved efficiency, the structures of these cranes have become more robust and standardized. They offer exceptional reliability and safety for daily operations. The 3.2t overhead crane, on the other hand, typically features a standard structure design that holds significant value in the crane market. Its versatility and performance make it a sought-after choice for various lifting applications. Trust in the quality and value of these crane systems to meet your lifting needs effectively.

3.2 ton Bridge Crane Component

The components of a 3.2 ton single girder bridge crane include a bridge girder, end trucks, hoist, trolley, controls, electrification system, and safety features. The bridge girder spans the width, while the end trucks provide support. The hoist lifts loads, and the trolley allows horizontal movement. Controls operate the crane, and an electrification system supplies power. Safety features ensure safe operation.

bridge crane partsbridge crane parts


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Lifting capacity3.2 ton
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed0.8/5m/min
Hoist travelling speed2-20m/min
Crane speed3-30m/min
Customized serviceAvailable

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Experience the power and reliability of our 3.2 ton overhead crane. Contact us today to learn more and elevate your lifting capabilities in the steel, metallurgy, and building materials industries. Trust our commitment to superior quality and performance.



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