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  • 75 ton Overhead Crane
  • 75 ton Overhead Crane
  • 75 ton Overhead Crane
  • 75 ton Overhead Crane

  • 75 ton Overhead Crane
  • 75 ton Overhead Crane
  • 75 ton Overhead Crane
  • 75 ton Overhead Crane

75 ton Overhead Crane

75 ton Overhead Crane

75-ton overhead crane is a heavy-duty material handling solution designed for lifting and moving loads up to 75 tons (150,000 lbs or 68,000 kg) in various industries and applications. 

These cranes are typically found in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, steel mills, shipyards, and heavy equipment maintenance facilities.

Type: General design double girder overhead crane,  European standard double girder overhead crane


75-ton overhead cranes typically consist of the following components:

Bridge: The bridge is the main horizontal structure that spans the width of the facility. It is composed of two parallel girders (either single or double-girder design) that support the hoist and trolley system.

Hoist and trolley: The hoist is the lifting mechanism used to raise and lower the load. It is mounted on a trolley, which travels horizontally along the bridge, allowing the load to be positioned anywhere within the crane's working area.

End trucks: Located at both ends of the bridge, end trucks contain the wheels that enable the crane to travel along the runway beams.

Runway beams: These are the parallel beams that support the crane's movement along the length of the facility. They are installed at an elevated level, usually attached to the facility's columns or supported by freestanding columns.

Controls: The crane can be operated via a pendant, remote control, or a control cabin mounted on the crane itself. Controls include features for lifting, lowering, and positioning the load, as well as moving the crane along the runways.


To guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage, the safety device we provide are not only the electric protective devices or alarm bell but also other equipments as follows

1. Weight overload protection device.
2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer.
3. Crane travelling limit switch.
4. Voltage lower protection function.
5. Emergency stop system.
6. Current overload protection system.

Overall Feature:
The machine: Novel structure, attractive appearance and good technics;
Operation: Flexible and smooth, safe and reliable

Mechanical Part:
Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation
Double girder, welding box beam, camber meet national standard;
Main and end girder connected through level 10.9 high-strength bolt
Efficiency brake, long life
Adopt high quality carbon steel, Q235B or Q345B;

Electric Part:
Security trolley line or angle steel trolley line
The power supply of Travelling trolley adopt flat cable
Smoothly sliding, overall nice

Controlling Ways:
Ground controlling and cab controlling
Operating cab: open style and close style, left or right installation
Direction of entrance: side, end and top
Choose according to customer's different requirement

Alternative Functions:
Speed regulation of each operating mechanism (1:10 or more)
Overload limitation, alarm display, load weighting and display
Hook distance changes of main and auxiliary hook
PLC Controller, fault detecting, display record and print system

Safety Protection:
For outdoor crane, should equipped with hoist mechanism, electrical box and rain cover of driving mechanism
Install collision prevention device and sound & light alarm device


Capacity75 tons (150,000 lbs, 68,000 kg)
Span50 ft - 120 ft (15 m - 36 m)
Lifting height20 ft - 100 ft (6 m - 30 m)
Crane typeTop running, underhung, single-girder, double-girder
Trolley travel speed50 - 200 ft/min (15 - 60 m/min)
Bridge travel speed100 - 300 ft/min (30 - 90 m/min)
Lifting speed10 - 30 ft/min (3 - 9 m/min)
Power supply380V, 415V, 440V, 480V (3-phase)
ControlPendant, remote control, control cabin



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