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10 ton Double Speed Control Overhead Crane

10 ton Double Speed Control Overhead Crane

Double speed control overhead crane with low clearance hoist, most of the designed are adopted European standards.

The shape design replaced the traditional circular design, using square structure, modular design  adopted to increase versatility, it also change the layout form from the original motor - countershaft - reducer - reel to motor - reducer - reel, which can improve the Increasing of height, improve stability and reliability of running, meanwhile which can reduce the manufacturing cost.


10Ton European electric single-girder crane is used with a supporting electric rail hoist rail light rail crane. The product is compact, beautiful appearance, reasonable force and so on. 

This type crane is widely used in machinery manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, yard and other places for loading and unloading and handling objects, the prohibition of the use of inflammable and explosive corrosive media and lifting of molten metal. Which has the following brief features

(1) The general capacity is less than 50t, and the span is less than 35m,  Single girder  cranes are a better choice.

(2) The main beam is I-shaped steel or a combination of steel type and steel plate


  (1) Changeable poles , two-speed  and there in one motor, has high reliability and small volume.

 (2)Highly energy-efficient motor with hardened gear box, to achieve low-power and big torque output.

 (3)High-precision automatic adjustment of electromagnetic brakes, to achieve fast, low noise and reliable braking.

 (4)High-strength, highly-flexible wire rope for greater and more secure tension

 (5) High-strength nylon guide rope, pulley, self-lubrication to achieve longer wire rope life

 (6) High-strength alloy wheels for longer wheel life

 (7)Modular design, flexible combination

 (8)Single girder maximum lifting capacity up to 20t, double girder maximum lifting capacity up to 63t


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