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  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

The crane which uses electric magnet to handling called electromagnetic crane. electromagnetic crane is evolved from double girder bridge crane, with a detachable electromagnetic chuck and a corresponding operating system to control the handling of the electromagnetic chuck and hoist metal objects. It is especially suitable for fixed cross handling or conveying of permeable metal products and materials between indoors or outdoors, such as steel ingots, structural steel, iron, scrap iron, scrap steel and other materials.


Electromagnetic crane can produce strong magnetic force to lift dozens of tons of iron, iron wire, iron nails, iron and other materials, packing and banding, can easily collection and handling, as well as easy operation, and simplify the work. Packed steel materials and machine in wooden cases.

As long as the current in the electromagnet coil, it sucked up weight and won't fall, invisible magnetic chain is more reliable than solid. If for some reason is broken, can cause accidents, so on some electromagnetic crane equipped with steel claw, after waiting for transporting heavy lift, solid steel claw is automatically fall buckle them tightly.

Large electromagnetic crane can lift nearly tons of weight, the electromagnet diameter is about 1.5 meters, can be filed 16 tons.

Electromagnetic overhead crane solutions for different working condition

Scrap metal lifting electromagnet overhead craneElectric magnet
Rotating trolley magnet craneBillets handling overhead crane

Kinocranes comply with the most strict steel industrial standard and regulations, combining the specific environment ,focusing on every details, to realize the reliable performance of electromagnetic overhead crane,we can be your ideal partners in your steel mill industry.


1. Strong box type, welding by machine hand.

2. Wheels, wirerope drum, gears, couplings are manufactured by our CNC manchine center, TOP quality control.

3. Heavy duty slipring motor, WUXI NGP brand, TOP quality in China.

4. Siemens main electric system.

5. Surface treatment: Sand blasting

6. Pendent control, wireless, cabin control.

How to Choice the Electric Magnet:

1.Normall Temperature Type Electric Magnet:

Could design according the lifting material size, weight ,package situation etc. Working temperature is from 0~100℃

2.High Temperature Type Electric Magnet :

This type is norally used for melting workshop,charging the furnace,working in high temperature near the furnace and liquid steel.Working temperatre would be 700℃

3.Magnet Units with Rotating traverse Beam:

This type magnets normally would have 2 or more magnets units together and fixed on a traverse beam to achieve flexible work for long size steel products,such as still billets,thick steel plates,steel rail,steel pipe etc. We will design the magnets system as rotating type so that it can pick the steel items at any position and direction.


Lifting Capacity5t ~32t
Lifting Height5m-30m
Main lifting Speed(m/min)1.5 ~15 m/min ABB Brand VFD Control
Trolley traveling Speed(m/min)3~30 m/min ABB Brand VFD Control
Crane traveling Speed(m/min)5~50 m/min ABB Brand VFD Control
Working classM5-M6
Power supply380V, 50Hz, AC, 3-Phase our Customized
Control MethodCabin Control/ Radio remote control/ Pendent line control
Main Electric Parts BrandSchneider/ ABB
Level of protectionIP54
Isolation GradeClass H
Working temperature-20~50℃
Safety FeatureLifting and travelling limit switches; Emergency Stop; Loss voltage protection; Grounded protection; Overload protection; Short circuit protection; Overheating protection; Over speed protection; Over current protection; Faulted phase protection

How Does The Electromagnetic Overhead Crane Work?

Electromagnetic crane is a circuit control system that uses low voltage and current to control high voltage and high current. It has a small risk factor and is safe and convenient to operate. Commonly used electromagnetic crane forms include single girder electromagnetic crane, double girder electromagnetic bridge crane, electromagnetic double girder gantry crane, overhead crane with electromagnetic hanging beam , etc. Electromagnetic cranes are generally used in scrap steel recycling departments or steelmaking workshops.

How does an electromagnetic crane work?

An electromagnetic crane is a machine that uses electromagnetic principles to move steel objects. The main part of the electromagnetic crane is the iron block. When the current is turned on, the electromagnet will firmly attract the steel objects and lift them to the designated place. Cut off the current, the magnetism disappears, and the steel object is put down. The electromagnetic crane is very convenient to use, but it can only be used if there is an electric current. It can be used in the scrap steel recycling department and the steelmaking workshop. A device that uses electromagnets to transport steel materials is called an electromagnetic crane. The electromagnetic crane can generate a strong magnetic field force, and dozens of tons of iron pieces, iron wires, iron nails, scrap iron and other iron materials can be easily collected and transported without packing, packing or bundling. The operation is labor-saving and the work is simplified. Steel materials and machines in wooden crates can be handled similarly. When the crane is working, as long as the current in the electromagnet coil does not stop, the sucked weight will not fall, and the invisible magnetic force is more reliable than a solid chain. If the power is cut off for some reason, it will cause an accident, so some electromagnetic cranes are equipped with steel claws. Cranes cannot handle hot iron, because hot steel cannot be magnetized. The large electromagnetic crane can lift nearly 100 tons of heavy objects at once, which is very practical.

The working principle of the electromagnetic crane:

The magnetic field is generated by energizing, and then the electromagnetic force is generated, and the object is attracted by the generated electromagnetic force.

The characteristics of electromagnetic cranes:

1. The more turns of the coil, the greater the magnetic force.

2. The magnetic pole can be changed.

3. The greater the current, the greater the magnetic force.

The electromagnet advantages:

The presence or absence of the magnetism of the electromagnet can be controlled by on and off current; the magnitude of the magnetism can be controlled by the strength of the current or the number of turns of the coil; the magnitude of the magnetism can also be controlled by changing the resistance to control the magnitude of the current; The magnetic poles can be controlled by changing the direction of the current, and so on. So the strength of magnetism can be changed, the presence or absence of magnetism can be controlled, the direction of the magnetic pole can be changed, and the magnetism can disappear due to the disappearance of the current.

The role of the electromagnet is to generate strong magnetism when it is energized, attracting metal objects, and then transporting them through a crane. There is no magnetism when it is not energized. It is different from the permanent magnet in that the magnetism can be controlled at any time, and the transceiver can be sent and received freely.



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