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  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam
  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam
  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam
  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam

  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam
  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam
  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam
  • Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam

Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam

Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam

Steel factory Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam (as known as electromagnetic cranes) for steel slab steel billet handling . This type of overhead crane could equip with hanging beam, it is applicable to use at steel mill, shipyard, port yard, storage and waste warehouse to lift and transfer steel plate, pipe, profile steel, steel bar, steel billets, steel coil, spool, iron and steel scraps, etc. different sizes of long and bulk material. The hanging beam could horizontal rotation to meet different working demands.


There are two types of electromagnet spreader: lifting electromagnetand electromagnetic lifting beam. The electromagnetic hanging beam can also be divided into two types: non-rotating beam (perpendicular or parallel to the main beam) and rotating beam (including upper rotating mechanism and hanging beam).

Billets handling overhead craneRotating trolley magnet crane

Main parts of Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam

1. Trolley

It is the lifting mechanism, lifting good up and down, travelling along the crane girder/ beam from the left side to the right side. It consist of motor, reducer, brake, drum, hook, coupling, hoist structure. We can separately supply electric crab/hoist for clients.


The slip ring motors are used specially for crane, suitable for frequent starting , reversing & braking in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004. Motors are totally enclosed in dust proof construction foot / flange mounted TESC / TEFC, Sq. cage motors with integrated safety brakes, insulation class F, IP54 protection for hoisting, CT & LT motions.

3.Gear box

The entire gear boxes are made of accurate hob cut helical / spur gears & pinions having hardness 250 to 350 BHN made from carbon alloy steel. All gears & pinions running on antifriction type ball/ roller bearings in totally enclosed oil bath giving constant splash lubrication. The helical/Spur gear designed for adequate strength and optimum wear resistance for smooth operation and long life.

4. Brake

Independent Hydraulic Brake make the crane much safe and easier to control


Safety Features of Bridge Crane With Magnetic Beam

1. Limit Switch: Safety limit switches for stoppers will be provided to prevent over traveling in all motions.

2. Anti collision device

When several units of crane travel on the same railway, the cranes can install the following devices:

Anti-collision device,

Infrared non-contact and inductive type limit device

Sound and light alarm device

Wireless anti-collision device

3. Weight overload protection device

When the crane overload works, it equipped with weight overload protection device, includes automatic stopping type lifting weight limiter and weight display device.

4. Lifting limit switch and traveling limit switch

5. Emergency stop system

6. Electrical protection

The main insulation switch, emergency stop switch, short circuit, Zero voltage protection, zero position protection, loss of field protection, Current overload protection, over speed protection, Phase sequence protection and adopted crane specially anti-vibration contactor etc. are all equipped, fully implement safety first concept.

7. Interlock device

It sets interlock device for the cabin door and the other door from cabin into bridge structure, when the door is opened, the crane can not work.


Lifting Capacity (t)SpanLifting Height
TongHook(m )(m )

Working Class: A6
Power: AC,380V,50Hz or as your request.

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