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  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane
  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane
  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane
  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane

  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane
  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane
  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane
  • Scrap Grab Overhead Crane

Scrap Grab Overhead Crane

Scrap Grab Overhead Crane

Grab crane is equipped with grab bucket and hoisting machinery, widely used in port, dock, station yard, mine loading various aspects such as bulk, logs, minerals, coal, ballast, conditions, etc.

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A scrap grab overhead crane is a powerful and versatile machine used to lift and move scrap metal or other materials.  It is usually mounted on an overhead track and can be operated by a single person.  The crane has a long arm with a grab attachment at the end that allows the operator to grab and move large pieces of material.  This type of crane is commonly used in scrap yards, demolition sites, and other industrial applications.


The features of a scrap grab overhead crane typically include a powerful motor, a high lift capacity, and a grab attachment at the end of a long arm. It is also designed with safety features such as an interlock system that prevents the crane from operating when the grab is not securely attached to the material. Additionally, many scrap grab overhead cranes are designed with modern control systems that allow for precise and efficient operation.

To meet the particular and harsh working environment in the steel mill, the scrap handling cranes are with the various particular features as the following:

1. Heavy duty reinforcement end-carriages and bogies with surface-hardened wheels.

2. Power suppling lines and signal cables designed via festoon system, which is attached to the overhead eot crane girder.

3. Special designed heavy-duty trolley

4. Scrap handling crane is easy to be-maintained.

5. Crane bridges are made of reinforced box-style steel structuring.

6. Electric trolleys are equipped with devices to combat deflection and vibration

7. Ergonomic operator cabin controls

8. Heavy-duty hook blocks are used for load handling with high safety


Lifting Capacity5101620
Max.Lifting Heightm20182226
Working SystemA5-A7
Bridge travelling93.7-114.4112.5-10198-87.387.3
m 32.5-0.755-1.58-2.510--3
Dead weight
Rail recommended43kg/m, QU70
Power Source3Phase AC 380V 50HZ (As your demand)



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