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  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane
  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane
  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane
  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane

  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane
  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane
  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane
  • Steel Scrap Charging Crane

Steel Scrap Charging Crane

Steel Scrap Charging Crane

Scrap handling grab cranes is a kind of automatic picking up machinery, its fetching and material movement is discharged by the driver's operation, do not need to support staff, and thus to avoid the heavy labor of workers, save the auxiliary work time, greatly improving the efficiency of loading and unloading.


When scrap metal arrives at a scrapyard, a crane must reach into the delivery vehicle and unload the metal safely and quickly. It is vital that these unloading cranes be reliable and efficient to keep delivery vehicles moving through the facility and scrap material flowing into the mill.

Scrap charging crane is used to transfer scrap material from storage bins to a furnace. It is usually equipped with special grab attachments that allow it to grab and transfer the material safely and quickly. The crane is operated by a single person, and is typically used in industrial settings such as steel mills and foundries.

Grab crane can be divided into bridge type grab crane, gantry grab crane.


Features of Steel Scrap Charging Crane:

The features of a scrap charging crane typically include a powerful motor, a high lift capacity, and a claw attachment to grab and transfer materials. It is also designed with safety features such as an interlock system that prevents the crane from operating when the grab is not securely attached to the material. Additionally, Sinoko scrap charging cranes are designed with modern control systems that allow for precise and efficient control of the machine.

1. Clamshell grab crane

Applicable to the port, dock, station yard, mine loading various aspects such as bulk, minerals, coal, ballast, conditions, etc.,

2.The orange peel type grab crane

Suitable for steel scrap grab and refined work, a large amount of waste, waste landfill and construction sites torpedo, loading and unloading and handling work, automotive recycling field, the collapse of torpedo and recycling, bucket tooth can be replaced, and high hardness, wear resistant steel, to ensure that the service life is long; Valve shell can choose according to different work environment; There are whole closed type valve shell, semi-closure type valve shell, valve shell and narrow width side lobe shell.

Advantage of scrap charging crane for steel making
scrap charging crane

1. Overload protection: If the material is overthe capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself.
2. Emergency brake: If the operation staff encounter some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection the related treasure.
3. Control Method: Room control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff.
4. Main lifting motor: with thermal protection and currency protection.
5. Hooks with latch
6. Rubber buffers
7. Protective earthing
8. Crane switch and travel end switch
9. Sub-assemblies characteristic are tested before assemly.
10.All cranes must be pre-assmebled and tested before leaving factory and offer the certification of test.


Specification of Melting Shop Scrap Charging Crane:

Lifting Capacity5101620
Max.Lifting Heightm20182226
Working SystemA5-A7
Bridge travelling93.7-114.4112.5-10198-87.387.3
m 32.5-0.755-1.58-2.510--3
Dead weight
Rail recommended43kg/m, QU70
Power Source3Phase AC 380V 50HZ (As your demand)

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