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Forklift Type Overhead Traveling Stacking Crane

Forklift Type Overhead Traveling Stacking Crane

The forklift type overhead stacker crane has the both structural characteristics of a crane and a forklift.


The bridge type stacker crane has the double structural characteristics of a crane and a forklift, and like a crane, it has a bridge frame and a rotary trolley. The bridge runs above the warehouse and the slewing trolley runs on the bridge. At the same time, the bridge-type stacker crane has the structural features of a forklift, namely, a fixed or retractable column, and a fork or other device for picking up the column. There must be a certain space between the shelf and the warehouse roof to ensure the normal operation of the bridge. Columns can be turned to ensure the flexibility of the work. The slewing trolley can run back and forth as needed, so the bridge stacker can serve multiple lanes. The stacking and picking of the bridge stacker is achieved by the picking device running on the column. Because of the height of the column, the working height of the bridge stacker cannot be too high.
The bridge stacker is mainly suitable for warehouses with a medium span of less than 12 meters. The width of the roadway is large, which is suitable for the handling and stacking of heavy and bulky materials.
(1) Rated lifting weight [2]
The rated lifting capacity is the sum of the weight of the largest material and the weight of the retrieval device, which can be allowed by the safety operation under the normal operating conditions of the bridge type stacking crane, in kilograms or tons. When selecting a bridge stacker, the rated capacity must be taken into consideration because the rated lifting weight is too small to meet the requirements of loading and unloading operations. If the stacking crane is too large, it will result in a waste of infrastructure investment.
(2) Maximum lifting height
The maximum lifting height refers to the vertical distance from the upper surface of the fork horizontal section to the ground when the goods are lifted to the highest position under the rated lifting weight, and the unit is meters. The height of the warehouse determines the maximum lifting height of the selected bridge stacker.
(3) Working speed
The working speed of the bridge stacker mainly refers to the lifting speed, the rotation speed, the running speed of the trolley and the running speed of the whole vehicle, in meters/second or meters/minute. Lifting speed refers to the speed at which the device or item is ascended (or descended), and is divided into fast, slow, and fast speeds. The speed of rotation refers to the speed at which the gyrocar rotates. The heavier the forked goods, the slower the speed of rotation. The running speed of the trolley refers to the speed at which the trolley slides on the bridge. The vehicle running speed refers to the operating speed of the bridge on the track.
(4) Deflection of stacker fork
The lower deflection of the stacker fork is the distance from the foremost end of the fork when the fork is raised to the maximum height under the rated lifting weight. This parameter is very important, it reflects the ability of the fork to resist deformation. Too much deflection means that the fork material is too soft and can easily slip out of the fork when picking the goods.
(5) Production efficiency
Productivity refers to the total mass of the stacking or unstacking cargo per hour, in tonnes per hour, of the bridge stacker under the specified operating conditions. The production efficiency of the stacker crane depends not only on the performance parameters of the equipment itself, but also on the type of cargo, working conditions, and operational proficiency. To increase the production efficiency of the stacker, it is necessary to increase the weight, increase the number of work cycles per unit of time, promote the organization of advanced production operations, and improve the proficiency of operations.





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