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  • MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet
  • MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet
  • MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet

  • MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet
  • MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet
  • MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet

MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet

MW5 Series Scrap Yard Lifting Metal Magnet

Electric magnet used on excavator or crane, for sorting out steel scraps, is also referred as excavator magnet, or scrap magnet, scrap handling magnet, scrap yard magnet, junkyard magnet.

According to the shape of the Electric magnet, there are round, circular or rectangular, Sinoko cranes accepts customization request to fit all steel scrap processing operations, and can supply scrap magnets of 4 different types:

●Room Temperature Type

●High Temperature Type

●High Frequency Type

●Strong Magnetism Type


1. a unique magnetic circuit design, use of aluminum coil, coil plates used to protect the good wear resistance of high manganese boards, light forces, the lifting capacity.

2. the structure is simple, safe, reliable, applicable to all types of lifting equipment.
3. with the exception of the use of voltage, but also a strong exciting way. Can improve the lifting capacity and increase economic efficiency.
4. applicable to the removal of cast iron ingots, Steel Ball into all kind of scrap.

Scrap Metal Magnet Show

Scrap Metal Magnet

Due to the strong and deep penetration of magnetic force, scrap magnets are suitable for sorting out cast ingot, steel ball, pig iron, machine chips, for various kinds of steel scraps, return scraps, cropping, baling scraps and etc in junkyards, foundry factories and for iron powder in coal washery.


1. It adopts a special magnetic circuit design which has large air space and magnetism density. It is made of aluminum wire and the coil protection plate is made of the rolled high Mn steel plate that has good performance of wear-resistance and heat-proof. It also has the characteristics oflight weight, low power consumption, high lifting capacity and long serving life.

2. this series has fine insulation structure. the insulation treatments adopt the vacuum drying & glue filling, which has improved the electrical and mechanical performance of the coils. the insulation grade can reach class special C.

3. It generally adopts the control mode of constant voltage. It can further improve the lifting capacity if changing to adopt the control mode of over excitation.

4. with simple structure reliability, it is suitable for working with all kinds of lifting equipments.


Scrap Magnet Overall Drawing
ModelLifting capacity (kg)
(cold/hot state)
Steel ballSteel ingotturnings

Scrap Metal Magnet Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
Pack each window with aluminum foil band and PVC film to protect against scratches. 
2. Use wood pallet and frames to fix the windows to avoid collision or shaking. 
3. Use packing strap to fasten the pallets. 
4. Load the pallets with forklifts. Put airbags between pallets to avoid collision. 
Delivery Detail:
Shipped in 30 days after payment


Q: Do you provide design solutions and drawings?

A: Yes. We will give you design suggestions and we can make CAD drawings as your request.

 Q: Can you provide samples?

A: Yes. We can make customized samples to you for quality checking and design confirmation.

 Q: Can I get installation instructions?

A: Yes. We provide installation instruction manuals or videos.

 Q: What is the lead time?

A: 30-45 days after payment and production drawing confirmation. that depends on the quantity and window type.

 Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Normally the MOQ is 50m2. under certain circumstances even 1 piece is acceptable. Please consult with our sales for details.

 Q: What is your payment term?

A: 50% by TT as deposit for production, 50% by T/T against B/L copy.

 Q: Do you accept Credit Card, L/C, D/P and D/A.

A: We think TT is the best. It is safe, fast and the bank charge is relatively lower. We accept other payment methods in some circumstances. Please check it with our sales.

 Q: What is the shipping port?

A: Usually we ship from Qingdao port. If you want to ship from another port we can coordinate with you.



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