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  • Single Girder Cranes
  • Single Girder Cranes
  • Single Girder Cranes
  • Single Girder Cranes

  • Single Girder Cranes
  • Single Girder Cranes
  • Single Girder Cranes
  • Single Girder Cranes

Single Girder Cranes

Single Girder Cranes

European type single girder cranes have such design concepts as small dimension, light dead weight. Compared with traditional cranes, the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and  headroom is the lowest, which makes cranes work more close to the front, and lifting height more higher that increases effective working space of workplace.

Capacity: 1ton-20ton  
Span: 6m-31.5m    
a) Work duty: FEM2M, M5
b) Protection class: IP55
c) Insulation class: F
d) Continuing rate: 60% ( for the high class motor)
e) Cooling rate: 30% than normal crane
f) Over temperature protection: 170℃
Working temperature: -25 to +42 centigrade


single girder crane design.jpgSingle girder cranes (single beam crane) are usually used for light or medium-sized services in workshops, warehouses, storage yards, etc. The crane has two main configurations, including top running and suspension system. According to your specific lifting requirements and facility conditions, we will design the most appropriate bridge crane system to maximize your work efficiency and safety.

The construction of a single girder crane consists of a single girder beam, known as a bridge, that runs the building’s width. A trolley moves horizontally along the bridge, positioning a hoist and hook, which is used to raise or lower the load.

Three control methods of single girder cranes:

1.Pendent control: A. Easy operation when obervation. B. Convenient to communication with other workers.
2.Wireless remote control: A. Greatly improved the work efficiency. B. Keep the operator from danger.
3.Cabin room control.


Single Girder Crane Classifications

At Sinoko Cranes, we offer our customers six unique single girder crane designs to meet their specific needs.

Traditional Single Girder Overhead Crane.jpgEuropean Single Girder Overhead Crane.jpg

Traditional Single Girder Overhead Crane

European Single Girder Overhead Crane
Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead Crane.jpgExplosion-proof Single Girder Overhead Crane.jpg
Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead CraneExplosion-proof Single Girder Overhead Crane
Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes.jpgUnderhung Monorail Cranes.jpg
Freestanding Workstation Bridge CranesUnderhung Monorail Cranes

Single Girder Crane Design

Although the single girder crane is limited in capacity and span, its design has many advantages and is an ideal solution for many applications.

They can be integrated into the building design to save the cost of runway structure.  The hoist trolley can go underneath the runway, providing the best end approach, and the low headroom design, especially with notched bridge beams, takes advantage of the runway depth.

Single girder cranes are one of the most cost-effective lifting solutions because they are easier to install and maintain. Because they only need one bridge, they are more compact and lighter than double beam cranes, saving materials, freight, installation and maintenance costs.


Capacity1~20 tons
Lift heightMax. 90 m
Work dutyM3~M6
Protection classIP54/IP55
Working temperature-20~+60℃



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