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Underslung Traveling Single Girder Hoist Overhead Crane

Underslung Traveling Single Girder Hoist Overhead Crane

 Sinokocranes Focus on manufacturing Single Gider Underslung Overhead Crane,Double Girder Underslung Overhead Crane.All Underslung Crane are designed by FEM Standard. Working Class could be A5~A7.


 Underslung Traveling Single Girder Hoist Overhead Crane is a kind of Light Duty Crane. This kind of crane are very smart. Easy installed on traveling H beam.Saving the workshop room clearance.Since the H traveling channel would be more smooth than normal rail.It could increase a lot for underlung crane wheel using life.




Small body Great ability High wisdom
Optimized design, light weight, low wheel pressure, low height
Hardened surface flexible drive, compact structure
Frequency control, stable operation
Real-time security monitoring to ensure safe transportation
Standardized configuration, so that performance must be stable
Suitable for rated load up to 32t
Electric Hoist: Subvert the traditional, self-contained
Low headroom design,
Flexible drive, low internal stress, high transmission efficiency
Heavy-duty motor, electrical continuity rate 60% ED
Walking frequency stepless speed regulation, stable operation
Self-adjusting electric disk brake, reliable, dustproof
2160N/mm2 high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, maintenance-free
Full-circle rope guide, anti-loosening rope
The entire system is equipped with a security right monitoring system.
Trolley&Bridge Drive: Silent Technology, Quiet Transport
Compact structure, aluminum alloy subject, sealed
Variable frequency motor + hardened gearbox + disc brake
Three-in-one integrated design
Full frequency control
he highest speed 4800r/min
Protection class IP55
Semi-lubricated, maintenance-free
Silent technology, quiet enjoyment of handling
Intelligent electronic control: security control
Smart Security Monitor
Calculate the remaining safe working time of lifting agencies
Cumulative lifting time
Cumulative overload
Accumulated lifting motor start times
Lift motor overheat protection and alarm
Brake pad thickness alarm
Schneider Electric Components
Aviation socket interface
IP55 protection level
Bridge End Beams: flexible and adaptable
Modular direct drive design
Light weight, small size
A variety of connection methods, flexible installation dimensions
Applicable to various factories, reduce the height of the factory
QT700 wheels, self-lubricating, more silent
Use self-aligning bearings to adapt to more comfortable.



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