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Orange Peel Electro-hydraulic Grab Bucket

Orange Peel Electro-hydraulic Grab Bucket

 Orange peel electro-hydraulic grab bucket is suitable to grab sand, coal, grain, slag, scrap or larger materials for loading and unloading.


Orange peel electro-hydraulic grab bucket has widely used in the ports, railway, metallurgy, mining, etc.
The grab has the features below:
1. Main shaft sleeve is of bearing steel, Pin shaft material is 40Cr.
2. High temperature resistant bearing for pulley.
3. Knife edge plate adopts wear-resisting steel plate, adopts multilayer sealing craft.
4. Dirt proof and water proof and it could be underwater operation.
5. Clearance of two knife edge plate is very small, 0.3mm, good sealing, keep working site clean.
6. Whole structure is strong and not distortion, good sealing.


1.Handling steel scrap , irregular block.
2.Powered by a electric motor of high performance
3.Compact structure with built-in hydraulic system


To suggest the most suitable design for you, please let us know the following information:
1.What is the required grab volume?
2.What is the density of material of the grab?
3.What is the main grabbing material?
4.What is the required driven type for the grab? Motor driven type, mechanical type or electric hydraulic type? 



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