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  • Camshell Bucket For Crane
  • Camshell Bucket For Crane
  • Camshell Bucket For Crane

  • Camshell Bucket For Crane
  • Camshell Bucket For Crane
  • Camshell Bucket For Crane

Camshell Bucket For Crane

Camshell Bucket For Crane

The Clamshell Bucket for Crane is a versatile and efficient attachment designed specifically for cranes. With its dual-hinged clamshell design, this bucket is ideal for handling a wide range of materials, such as bulk cargo, construction debris, and loose aggregates. It enables precise control and excellent material retention, making it an essential tool for construction sites, ports, and material handling operations.


Clamshell Bucket Types

Mechanical Clamshell Bucket: A mechanical clamshell bucket is operated manually using mechanical linkages and levers. It is commonly used for smaller-scale material handling applications where precise control is not a primary requirement. This type of bucket is often found in smaller cranes or excavators.

Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket: A hydraulic clamshell bucket is powered by a hydraulic system, providing precise control and efficient operation. It is suitable for larger-scale material handling tasks that require accurate grabbing, lifting, and releasing of materials. The hydraulic system allows for smooth and controlled movements, improving productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

Electro-Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket: An electro-hydraulic clamshell bucket combines electrical and hydraulic components for operation. It utilizes an electrical control system to operate the hydraulic functions, offering enhanced control and automation capabilities. This type of clamshell bucket is commonly used in larger cranes and material handling applications where advanced control features are necessary.

Radio-Controlled Clamshell Bucket: A radio-controlled clamshell bucket is operated remotely using radio-frequency technology. It allows the operator to control the bucket's movements from a distance, providing increased safety and flexibility. This type of bucket is useful in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas where manual operation may be challenging.

Grab Bucket with Clamshell Mechanism: A grab bucket with a clamshell mechanism combines the features of a grab bucket and a clamshell bucket. It is equipped with a set of jaws or tines that can open and close like a grab, allowing for versatile material handling capabilities. This type of bucket is commonly used in applications where both grabbing and scooping functions are required, such as bulk cargo handling in ports.


1. Grab Advantages: Simple structure, good performance, high productivity.

2. Grab's capacity 3 cbm to 30 cbm with reducing capacity system.
3. Supplied with removable spill plates, giving the capability to work light and heavy cargos with the one grab.
4. Radio remote control unit gives facility to start or stop the grab with one button. Radio control unit will operate from 100 m distance from the grab.
5. Work with oil circulation and battery.



Mechanical Grab drawing

light, middle, heavy
The proportion of materials
as per yours
Capturing the materials
Percentage of pulley
The diameter of steel wires
14--28 mm
The diameter of pulley
350--700 mm
Time of opening and closing
8--18 s
Self-weight of grab
2--11 t
Tons of the match hoist crane
5--20 t
Total height of grab
as per grab size
Design as;customer's demand

At Sinokocranes, we specialize in providing high-quality attachments for cranes. Our Clamshell Bucket for Crane is designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. Choose Sinokocranes for exceptional performance, durability, and excellent customer service.

For quotation of grab, We need your detailed information as following:
1) Capacity and volume
2) Application
3) Handling Material
4) Working Temperature.
5) Power supply.
6) We will design according to your detailed requirements



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