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  • Grab for Handling Scrap
  • Grab for Handling Scrap
  • Grab for Handling Scrap
  • Grab for Handling Scrap

  • Grab for Handling Scrap
  • Grab for Handling Scrap
  • Grab for Handling Scrap
  • Grab for Handling Scrap

Grab for Handling Scrap

Grab for Handling Scrap

Grab for Handling Scrap ( Scrap grabs ) are a type of hydraulic grabs (also known as hydraulic attachments).

The scrap grab is a multi-lobed, orange-shaped hydraulic grab for grabbing various scrap metal materials.

Scrap grabs are mainly used for various scrap metal materials, such as scrap steel, scrap cars, scrap machine tools, etc. The main characteristics of this type of materials are large specific gravity and high strength.

1.Reasonable structure, excellent performance
2.Soft starting and stopping
3.Safe and reliable traveling
4.Low noise ,commodious cabin and open view
5.Low maintenance, easy replacement of parts and components


Scrap Grabs For Scrap Handing

Grabs For Scrap Handing has hydraulic power and control system itself, and the hydraulic power system is imported from Europe and USA. The grab uses constant output pump and servo system. The flow of pump can change by itself according to working pressure. When the pressure reaches the max pressure, the flow is almost zero, so it can reduce the overflow, and reduce the temperature rise of oil. The opening and closing is controlled by valves or positive inversion motor which ensures the grab can positive inversion rotate frequently. The grab can be designed as half-close or full-open type with long teeth. The peels of the grab are particular, it is easy to grab scrap steel. The grab has six or eight peels, and each peel is driven by an oil cylinder, so the material won’t leak. The grab has tie-in on the grab and it is easy to connect to the crane.

By replacing the structural form of the upper connecting ring, the scrap steel grab can be installed on various types of cranes, grabbers, and excavator power main equipment to achieve various operations in freight yards, wharfs, stations, stock yards, and steel industries. Loading, unloading, unstacking, stacking and other operations of materials are carried out on occasions.


1. Our motor hydraulic grab feature high productivity, long life span and low costs.

2. Some parts, for example, cylinder bolts or clamshell bolts are never subject to change, if they are greased properly.

3. Lowest running costs per ton material transferred: good performance, high productivity, low maintenance cost, and high reliability.

4. We adopt imported brands for the design of main hydraulic system components, such as motor, valves, sealing and etc.

5. Our electric scrap grabs have advantage of low operation height, variable displacement pump, powerful digging force, simple structure, easy operation, low noise, and stable in working under any circumstances.

6. The cylinder never gets rust.

7. The shells are available in open, half closed and closed versions and with every kind of possible opening direction and with diverse cable patterns.

8. The robust design of the electric grab is manufactured with high-tensile steel. It is lightweight, with excellent filling and digging and fast emptying capabilities.


Grabs For Scrap Handing

TypeDensityVolumeGrab Weight

t / m3m3kg



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