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Seamless crane conductor bus bar is power transmission devices providing power to mobile devices. Seamless bus bar is a kind of bus bar.



Seamless crane conductor bus bar can be used for electric hoist, electric beam and electric single girder bridge crane; stacker, automatic detection line for electromechanical products, automated production line, mobile power tools and other mobile power receiving equipment, as well as factories, mines, workshops. At present, the H class safety bus bar is generally used, which has great improvement in protection level and insulation, and is safe and reliable.

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1. It is easy for installation and daily maintenance with combined design, especially suitable for working at heights.

2. It has long service life and unique conductor jacket design, which greatly extends the service life of the bus bar system.

3. It is safe and reliable, that is, there is no danger of electric shock when using finger contact, and it complies with IP23 standard.



1. safety: the bus bar is made of engineering plastic with high insulation performance. The enclosure protection level can be IP13. IP55 is needed to protect against rain, snow, frost and freezing attacks as well as foreign objects. The bus bar is subject to a variety of environmental conditions.

2. reliability: the bus bar has excellent electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, low impedance value and low line loss. The brush is made up of a metal copper or carbon alloy material having high electrical conductivity and high wear resistance. The conductive device has flexible movement and good directional performance, which effectively controls the contact arc and the arc phenomenon.

3. economy: seamless crane conductor bus bar has simple structure, high allowable current density, low resistivity and low voltage loss, and can save about 10% of electricity. It realizes plastic-made steel to replace copper with plastic.




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