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  • 8 ton overhead crane
  • 8 ton overhead crane
  • 8 ton overhead crane
  • 8 ton overhead crane

  • 8 ton overhead crane
  • 8 ton overhead crane
  • 8 ton overhead crane
  • 8 ton overhead crane

8 ton overhead crane

8 ton overhead crane

The 8 ton overhead crane provides a reliable and efficient solution for lifting and moving heavy loads in industrial environments. It offers a balance between lifting capacity and versatility, making it suitable for a range of applications. Whether you need to lift materials, equipment, or products, the 8 ton overhead crane can effectively meet your lifting requirements.

Sinoko 8 ton overhead crane is more compact and lighter, which makes it a preferred choice for facilities where headroom and floor space is limited.
- Light self weight
- SEW motor


With reasonable and optimized design of crane structure, Sinoko 8 ton overhead crane maximum meet the needs in strength, stiffness and stability. To satisfy different clients requirement, we take full advantages of combining design by connecting to site condition, specified fabricate course, possibly make every step easy and customize. In particular, with computer optimization design box beam, low dead weight effectively reduces the cost in which workshop built with steel structure.


Versatility: The 8 ton overhead crane can handle a wide range of loads, making it suitable for various applications in different industries.

Increased Productivity: With its robust lifting capacity, the crane enhances productivity by efficiently handling heavy loads and reducing manual labor.

Improved Safety: The 8 ton overhead crane is designed with safety features to prevent accidents and ensure operator and workplace safety during lifting operations.

Space Efficiency: Overhead cranes save valuable floor space as they operate on an elevated runway system, allowing for efficient use of the available workspace.

Durability and Reliability: The 8 ton overhead crane is built with high-quality materials and components to ensure durability, longevity, and reliable performance, reducing maintenance needs and downtime.


Lifting capacity8t
Lifting height6-18m
Lifting speed0.8/5m/min
Hoist travelling speed2-20m/min
Crane speed3-30m/min
Customized serviceAvailable

Experience the power and efficiency of our 8 ton overhead crane for your lifting needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our experts provide you with a tailored solution that maximizes productivity and safety in your operations. Elevate your lifting capabilities with our reliable 8 ton overhead crane.



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