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20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane

20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane

SINOKO 20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane is European Type crane. We design according to FEM standard and the production strictly according to gantry crane standards. Through advanced shot blasting technique and highly effective anti-corrosion paint, Sinoko Cranes Outdoor Traveling Gantry Crane can provide you a long service life.


1. 20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane:

·         Lifting capacity: 20T

·         Work duty: A5

·         Span: up to 40m

·         Working temperature: -20 to + 40°C

·         ISO, GOST, SGS and CE certificated

·         Automatic rectify deviation control

·         Phase protection

·         Lifting limit switch

·         Cross traveling limit switch

·         Long traveling limit switch

·         Low voltage protection 

·         Emergency stop system

·         Current overload protection system

·         Light and alarm system

·         Superior safety and reliability


2. 20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane Features:

·         Double girder gantry crane mainly consists of a steel frame, lifting mechanism, inclination mechanism, crane travel mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, machinery house, elevator, container spreader, electric equipment and other accessory equipment for safety

·         Mobile gantry crane 20T widely used outdoor of a warehouse, container yard, port, material yard, or assembly workshop

·         This type gantry crane can be equipped with various lifting devices for particular work needs

·         Prohibited for lifting high-temperature solution, flammable, explosive, corrosion, overloading, dust and other dangerous operating  


3. 20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane Specification:

20T Cabin Control Mobile Gantry Crane Specification.jpg

All above datas are standard. Please tell us the following parameters before you finish this order:
1.Lifting capacity
2. Span ( rail centre to centre ) 
3. The required lifting height ( from hook to the ground ) and the span distance 
4. Crane travelling length 
5. What will be lifted by the crane 
6. The crane and hoist movement speed (m/min) 
7. The rail length and the height. 
8. Single speed or double speed for lifting and travelling ? 
9. Driver cabine control or pendant control ? 
10. How many hours work per day ? 
11. Power source : 380v,50Hz,3phase or others?

Welcome to send inqury to us.



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