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  • Full Gantry Crane
  • Full Gantry Crane
  • Full Gantry Crane

  • Full Gantry Crane
  • Full Gantry Crane
  • Full Gantry Crane

Full Gantry Crane

Full Gantry Crane

SINOKO CE Certified Full Gantry Crane is compact, light weight, excellent performance, easy for maintenance, and smooth for continuous working. 


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Full gantry crane systems are the most commonly used configuration. It consists of two legs. It typically runs in a straight line in a work area, Its metal structure is like a gantry frame, carrying two feet under the main beam, and can directly walk on the track of the ground. Both ends of the main beam can have an outrigger cantilever beam. CE Certified Motor Driven Gantry Cranes have the characteristics of high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability, and versatility, and is mainly used for the loading and unloading of cargo yards, yard goods, and bulk cargoes in outdoor areas.


1. Good combination, multiple specifications, complete product range, can cover most of the needs of customers

CE Certified Motor Driven Gantry Cranes are standardized, modularly designed, and have a full range of products. They can be quickly designed according to customer needs, with a weight coverage of 6.3t-400t and a working level of M3. -M7, there are 5 kinds of lifting speeds, the running speed of the trolley is adjustable, and the lifting height covers 9m-60m, which can meet the needs of customers for special working conditions.

2. Safe and reliable, advanced design concept, mature technology to ensure product design

In terms of design methods, advanced standardization, modularization, and lightweight design concepts are used to model the product and combine practical experience to ensure product structure optimization and safety. The product also has perfect safety protection measures, including stroke limit, height limit, overload limit, emergency limit, phase error, phase loss, undervoltage, and overvoltage protection.

3. Advanced control technology and high quality key components ensure excellent crane performance

The application of frequency conversion technology enables the product to have better performance and variable frequency control of the hoisting mechanism, which solves well the common problems such as large lifting impact load, unsmooth lifting brake, declining brake slip hook and other defects, ensuring that the crane can be free of Impact start, zero speed braking;

4. Reliable performance, low failure rate, reduced use and post-maintenance costs

Due to its features of light weight, high quality, high performance, etc., European cranes will also provide customers with the best solution according to their actual needs, compared to the traditional lifting of the same weight, the same span and the same working level. The energy consumption of the equipment can be reduced by more than 30% during the operation, which can save the operating cost for the customer and meet the national energy-saving and emission-reduction industry.




Lifting height6-30m
Control modeGround control & cabin control
Lifting speed0-12m/min
Service class/working duty

A3: used in places of mild service, such as workshop and warehouse

A4: used in places of Medium service such as assembly and depot

A5: used in places of medium service, such as machine and assembly shops

A6: used in places of frequent working such as metallurgy and casting shops

CantaleverOne side or two side cantilever
Supply power380V 50HZ 3Phase (according to user require)
Working ambient temperature-20 °C~+45°C




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