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  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane
  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane
  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane
  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane

  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane
  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane
  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane
  • Truss Beam Ganry Crane

Truss Beam Ganry Crane

Truss Beam Ganry Crane

Lifting Capacity: 1 ton - 100+ tons

Truss Girder: Single or double truss girder

Anti-windy features: Designed to withstand strong winds

Span: 12m - 40m

Height: Customized

Applications: Construction, manufacturing, shipping, and more

Benefits: Versatile, reliable, and efficient machines essential for heavy lifting operations


Truss crane mainly refers to truss gantry crane, which can be designed with a single truss gantry girder or double truss gantry girders.  The truss girder is typically welded from angle-steel or steel bars and is suitable for light duty and medium duty general material handling.One of the main features of truss crane is its high wind resistance ability, making it ideal for material handling in open areas or places with heavy winds or large sandstorms.  This makes truss crane a popular choice in industries such as construction, installation sites, lumber yards, and other similar places where heavy winds can be a concern.

truss crane

Truss gantry crane is a type of gantry crane that is characterized by its sturdy truss girder design. The crane is mainly composed of truss girder, legs, lower cross beams, and other components. Structure components that are connected using shafts, making it easy to disassemble and transport.


(1) Smart overload protection device for safety operation

(2) Top quality polyurethane buffer
(3) Crane travelling limit switch
(4) Low voltage protection function
(5) Emergency stop system
(6) Current overload protection function
(7) Phase protection function

Sinoko Truss Beam Gantry Crane Advantages:

(1) Compact structure and light weight.

(2) Works reliably and efficiently with low noise.

(3) Equiped with reliable safety devices to guarantee the safe operations.

(4) Customerization is available.


Span Lengthm5~3518-3518-3518-3518~35
Lifting Heightm6~186~186~186~186~18
Lifting Speedm/min9.
Trolley Speedm/min20-4020~4020-4520~4520-45
Crane Speedm/min20-4020-4030-5030-5030-50
Work DutyA3~A5A3 A5A5A5A5
Track TypeP38 P43P43QU80QU80QU80

Sinokocranes has a strict and sound quality assurance system on the design and study of truss gantry cranes. The design and manufacture, process flow, quality inspection and after-sales service all are under the control of the quality assurance system. This type truss gantry crane has advantages in energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and the adoption of new technology and new materials.



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