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  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price

  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Price

Rail mounted gantry cranes, commonly referred to as RMGs, are a type of crane used in industrial environments for the lifting and transportation of heavy cargo. These cranes are typically found in shipping ports, railway yards, and other facilities that handle large, heavy containers. The RMG is so named because it is mounted on a set of rails, which allows for smooth, guided movement along a defined path.

Kinocranes, a global leader in the crane and lifting industry, provides various rail-mounted gantry crane solutions according to customers’ requirements, offering a wide variety of parameters and configurations.


Rail-mounted gantry crane (RMG) is a specialized type of gantry crane used for container handling purposes. It finds extensive applications in railway stations, ports, container yards, and similar environments.

The RMG crane operates by running along tracks, enabling it to lift, stack, or transfer containers within the designated area of a container yard or terminal.

The lifting mechanism and crane's travel system are commonly controlled using AC frequency conversion technology. This allows for precise control and efficient operation of the crane, enhancing productivity and safety in container handling operations.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Type

Customers can choose whether they need a crane cantilever and the position of the cantilever according to their own needs.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Type


Smooth operation, speed can be customized

Light Self Weight

Small Space Occupy

Low Cast of Running and Maintaining

High Working Duty

Safety and Reliable

The Benefits of Using Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

Efficiency and Productivity

RMGs enhance operational efficiency as they can handle heavy loads swiftly and accurately. Their high-speed performance contributes to increased productivity within industrial settings.

Safety and Stability

RMGs are designed to be sturdy and stable. Their rail-based design reduces the risk of tipping over, making them safer to operate, especially when handling heavy or hazardous loads.

Versatility and Adaptability

Rail mounted gantry cranes are adaptable to various working conditions. Their height and span can be customized based on specific operational requirements.


Lifting heightm12.3~2112.3~2112.3~2112.3~2112.3~21
Lifting speedm/min12.59.5109.89.2
Trolley speedm/min5648484545
Crane speedm/min5044.344.34242
Container20′   40′20′   40′   45′20′   40′   45′20′   40′   45′20′   40′   45′
Work dutyA6~A8A6~A8A6~A8A6~A8A6~A8
Track typeQU80QU80 QU100QU80 QU100QU100 QU120QU100 QU120

Factors Influencing the Price of Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

Crane Specifications

The specifications of the RMG, including its capacity, height, and span, significantly affect its price. Higher specifications usually mean a higher price.

Manufacturer Reputation

The reputation and reliability of the manufacturer also influence the price. Renowned manufacturers might charge more for their products due to their established brand and proven track record of quality.

After-Sales Service

The quality of after-sales service, including installation, maintenance, and repair services, can also impact the price of the crane.

Lifting Capacity RangePrice Range
30-40 tons$300,000 - $600,000
50-100 tons$500,000 - $1 million

Please note that these prices are average ranges and can vary based on various factors, as mentioned earlier.

If you're ready to invest in a rail-mounted gantry crane, why wait? Explore the industry-leading options provided by Kinocranes. Enjoy enhanced productivity, safety, and customization in your operations. Start improving your business today and get a free quote.

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