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Workshop Remote Control Single Beam Gantry Crane

Workshop Remote Control Single Beam Gantry Crane

Workshop remote control single beam gantry crane adopts box-shaped structure and European designs.


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Single beam gantry cranes have L-shaped and C-shaped door legs. The L-shape is easy to manufacture and install, and the stress conditions are good. The quality of the L-shape is small.

However, the space for lifting cargo through the legs is relatively small. The C-shaped legs are made to be inclined or curved so as to have a large lateral space for the cargo to pass through the legs.


(1)Single beam gantry crane adopts optimized design, with advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and strong rigidity. The main beam is divided into H-beam structure and box beam structure.

(2)It is welded by steel plate and belongs to single main. In the form of beam structure, the upper crown coefficient and vertical winding coefficient meet the national standards. The steel plate material is made of a domestic steel material and the material is

Q235B or Q345B.

(3)The manufacturing process is constructed according to European standards, and the product is fully automatic. When the welder welds the web, the entire blank is cut by the 40m CNC and the plate is cut as a whole. No other scrap is used. The crown curve is automatically shaped, smooth and beautiful.

(4)The main welding seam adopts automatic submerged arc welding and non-destructive testing. After the welding, the entire beam is shot blasted to reach Sa2.5 level, eliminating welding stress.

(5)The surface of the machine is made of epoxy zinc-rich paint. Two sides and eight sides, paint color can be customized according to customer requirements, finished appearance is beautiful, shiny and good.

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10 Ton gantry crane specifications for reference

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Customers need to know:

(1)If you are going to put a gantry crane in your workshop, you need to determine the lifting weight (tonnage), span and lifting height of the gantry cranes. These three items are the most important parameters and the most basic data need to be confirmed.

(2)If you want to inquiry a gantry crane solution, please supply us the workshop total height, net height, total width, and net width of the factory to be provided by the gantry crane manufacturer. These also design the main external influence factors of the gantry crane in the workshop and must also clearly and accurately figure out these. This will avoid the total height or total width of the gantry crane is not suitable for the plant.

(3)Another issue that you need to let the manufacturer recommend you suitable gantry type, it is necessary to design the upper gantry crane on the upper side of the package (the trussed leg structure can save a lot of cost), and the straight out of the outrigger is inclined (the straight slope can greatly reduce the width of the workshop. The structure of influence). The upper package is the main girder adopting box girder, which is conducive to better use of the effective height in the room and achieve the maximum lifting height. Under the flower is the leg structure using a flower frame (flower legs are common corner iron spliced), easy to climb when maintenance. Straight out of the outriggers is straight out of the outriggers. This is to make better use of the space available in the factory for greater practicality.


Based on the above information, the gantry crane in the workshop has more spatial factors than the gantry crane installed outside the workshop. Therefore, before the purchase of gantry cranes, the relevant main data must be accurately measured to avoid unnecessary trouble, or contact Sinoko cranes for a better cranes solution. The factory sent technical personnel to measure the ground and do not reasonably recommend the practical gantry crane

Relative gantry  crane

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