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  • Low Headroom Bridge Crane
  • Low Headroom Bridge Crane
  • Low Headroom Bridge Crane

  • Low Headroom Bridge Crane
  • Low Headroom Bridge Crane
  • Low Headroom Bridge Crane

Low Headroom Bridge Crane

Low Headroom Bridge Crane

European type low headroom bridge crane have such design concepts as small dimension, light dead weight. Compared with traditional cranes, the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and  headroom is the lowest, which makes cranes work more close to the front, and lifting height more higher that increases effective working space of workplace.


a) work duty:FEM2M, M5
b) Protection class:IP55
c) Insulation class:F
d) continuing rate:60% ( for the high class motor)
e) Cooling rate:30% than normal crane
f) Over temperature protection:170℃


Low Headroom Bridge Crane detail

Technological Highlights of Low Headroom Bridge Crane

1. Main beam structure
1) Main beam use bias-rail box type structure, with optimized design and light self-weight.
2) The welding of main beam should be performed on working platform. In order to avoid distortion of main beam, our company adopts U-shaped main beam assembly machine with hydraulic forming which has won national patent ensuring that vertical deflection degree between joint edge of stiffened and web plate and upper cover cover should not more than H/200, and also efficiently reduce the partial wave of web plate.
3) Layout repair walkway on the drive sides of crane along the direction of main beam.

2. End beams
1) Material of end beam uses Q345B steel.
2) End beam is made of rectangular steel pipe or steel plate by welding, the finished end beam get once positioning processed on numeral control machine in order to ensure dimension accuracy and fit tolerance.
3) Each end beam is supplied with wheels with double wheels with double wheel rim, buffer and anti derailing protection device.

3. Connection of main beam and end beams
Connect main beam with end beam through bolts with end beam through bolts with high strength ensuring precision and smooth running of crane.

4. Conductive frame of crane and trolley

Conductive frame employs modular design and which consists of U-shaped bolt, connecting plate and rectangle pipes, the length and height can be arbitrarily regulated as well as easy installation.

5. Electric Protection of European Double Beam Bridge Crane
It has complete equipments including main isolation switch, emergency disconnect switch, protection for short circuit, pressure loss, zero position , excitation loss, over current and over speed, which sufficiently implements conception of safety first.



  1. Low clearance and small size.

  2. Light deadweight.

  3. More efficient workplace.

  4. Adopt famous brand structure, Siemens motor, Schneider Electric, French wire rope, etc.

  5. Double lifting speed, variable frequency running speed.

The above technical lights are all low headroom bridge cranes. They are also what convince our customers to choose our crane products as their workshop or industrial lifting equipment.


Capacity1 ton to 20 tons
Span6m to 31.5m
Work dutyFEM2M, M5
Protection classIP55
Insulation classF
Continuing rate60% (for high-class motor)
Cooling rate30% higher than normal crane
Over temperature protection170℃

These specifications suggest a high-quality, durable crane that is capable of handling heavy loads in a variety of industrial settings. The FEM2M and M5 work duty ratings indicate that the crane is designed for heavy use, while the IP55 protection class and F insulation class indicate that the crane is well-protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.

The continuing rate of 60% and the cooling rate that is 30% higher than normal suggest that the crane is designed to operate for extended periods of time without overheating. Finally, the over-temperature protection feature ensures that the crane will shut down automatically if it exceeds a safe operating temperature, helping to prevent damage and ensure safe operation.

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