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ABM Motor Driven Single Girder Crane

ABM Motor Driven Single Girder Crane

We design, manufacture and sell multiple types of overhead cranes used in a number of applications to meet customers' different requirements.
- ABM motor driven
- good performance


    Premium quality aluminum extrusions are used in the process of design with enclosed tracks, and many custom options such as

corrosion resistant chain or remote control capacities can be added into the design as requested.



Regardless of style, however, there are three universal parts for all overhead cranes:

Bridge: The bridge is made up of stationary or mobile rails that form a parallel runway to carry one or more trolleys across it.

Trolley: Running side to side across the bridge, this unit carries the hoist.

Hoist: The hoist is the mechanical device of catching load to raise it. Hoist can also be used independently for vertical lifting applications.


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