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VVVF Control Material Handling Hoist Crane

VVVF Control Material Handling Hoist Crane

SINOKO is committed to the development and innovation of Euro-kind crane and to make SINOKO be a well-known international brand.


As a special equipment for industrial production, crane equipment is widely used in various industries. With the continuous improvement of the speed regulation performance of cranes for industrial production, the traditional cranes that are commonly used cannot meet the special requirements of industrial production. Now with the continuous development of power electronics technology, the inverters in the lifting machinery industry have increasingly exhibited excellent control and speed control performance, high efficiency, and easy maintenance. With the continuous decrease in the price of inverters, frequency control will become A superior speed control scheme for lifting machinery, VVVF control material handling hoist crane produced by SINOKO Crane, have been applied to various industries, and its excellent performance has been praised and recognized by many customers.


VVVF Control Material Handling Hoist Crane slowly accelerate from 0 to 20m/min during start-up acceleration with a buffer effect, so the impact force is small. The traditional crane is accelerated from 0 to 20m/min instantly, just as the car does not have a gearbox, the impact force at startup is very large, so it will do some damage to the crane's complete machine.

VVVF Control Material Handling Hoist Crane is relatively stable in operation, which greatly reduces the vibration traction of the steel structure and the factory building. While the traditional cranes fluctuate during the operation, the factory buildings will vibrate at the same time.

Due to the stable operation, VVVF Control Material Handling Hoist Crane basically realizes zero noise during startup and operation. Traditional cranes have loud unusual noise during start-up and operation, especially during start-up. This is caused by instantaneous acceleration and has a greater impact on the structure of the crane.


VVVF Control Material Handling Hoist Crane all use high-tech components and are equipped with frequency converters to provide excellent protection. Therefore, they are not prone to malfunction during the operation. The components and technologies of traditional cranes have been used since the 1970s, and there is no protection for frequency converters, which results in a high failure rate.






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