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European Type Single Beam Bridge Crane

European Type Single Beam Bridge Crane

European Type Single Beam Bridge Crane Brief Introduction

SINOKO CRANE single girder cranes use advanced European design techniques, making the structure more compact and more efficient use of plant space. Due to the application of wide range of high-strength materials, it has increased the carrying capacity of the vehicle and reduced its own weight, which can effectively reduce the cost of the workshop.

Single girder bridge cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industry, railway transportation, port terminals, and logistics and other departments and 


Advantages of European Type Single Beam Bridge Crane Design:

·         Less expensive due to a simpler trolley design, reduced freight costs, simplified and faster installation, and less material for the bridge and runway beam

·         Lower loads on the building structure or foundations due to a reduced deadweight. In many cases, it can be supported by existing roof structure without the use of additional support columns.

·         Better hook approach for both trolley travel and bridge travel

·         Easier to install, service, and maintain

·         Ideal for workshops, warehouses, material yards, and manufacturing and production facilities

·         Lighter load on runway rails or beams means less wear on the beams and end truck wheels over time

·         Great for facilities with low headroom


European Type Single Beam Bridge Crane Structural Design

Structural design.jpg





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