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Monorail Hoist Overhead Traveling Crane

Monorail Hoist Overhead Traveling Crane

 Monorail Hoist Overhead Traveling Crane is a most popular easy lifting equipment in factory material lifting. Cheap Price, Easy Operation




Brief introduction
Model: LDA
Capacity: 3ton,5ton ,10 ton,15ton,20ton,25ton
Lift Height 3m to 30m
Span: Max. to 65m
Duty Class: A3, A4
Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase AC
220V, 6oHz, 3-phase AC

Safety Features
• Emergency stop system
• Limit Switch for Lifting
• Limit Switch for Travelling
• Overload protect device
• High quality buffer
• Current overload protect device
• Voltage Lost protect device

• Push button of control: the life can reach 200000 times.
• Electrical adapt as Chint, SIMENS, or Schneider.
• Motor Choose China best motor brand: Nanjing special motor.
• Soft start motor make the traveling smoothly.
• Brake from Jiaozuo brake factory, China best brand.
• LYC bearings which is serve for the the Shenzhou spacecraft



Code LDA
Lift Capacity 3T,5T,10t,15t,20t,25t
Span 7.5~22.5M(Other on customerized)
Lift Height Customerized
CT Speed 20/30m/min
Duty Classification A3
Dead weight 2.54~6.05T
Max.wheel Load 35.8~45KN
Min. wheel Load 4.2~13.4KN
Lift Speed 8m/min
LT Speed 20/30m/min
Dia.(Drum) 15mm
Model(Wire Rope) 6*37+1
Width (Crane Rail Head) 25a-45c
Motor Model Cone squirre-cage model
Lift Motor Model ZD141-4
Power(Lift Motor)  7.5KW
Rotation Speed (Lift Motor) 1380r/min
Current(Lift Motor) 18A
CT Motor Model ZDY121-4
Power (CT Motor) 0.8KW
Rotation Speed(CT Motor) 1380r/min
Current (CT Motor) 2.4A
LT Motor Model YSE802-4/YSE90L-4
Rotation Speed (LT Motor) 1380r/min
Power (LT Motor) 2*0.8/2*1.5KW
LT Motor Model ZDR100-4
Power (LT Motor) 2*1.5KW
Power Source 220V~480V, 50Hz/60Hz, AC 
Control Model Cabin, remote control, pendent control with push button



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