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VVVF Control Single Beam EOT Crane

VVVF Control Single Beam EOT Crane

VVVF Control Single Beam EOT Crane Brief introduction

New Types of Cranes can the requirements of crane for factory building structure and reduce production cost. This type of crane become renewal product of traditional general bridge crane and applied in industry of machinery production, assembling, petrochemicals, warehouse logistics, electric power construction, paper-making and railways.


Main beam 

The main beam employs bias-rail box-type   structure and connects with end beam by high-strength bolt ensuring easy   transportation, making crane run steadily.



Electric Hoist.jpg

  European Type Hoist

The hoist trolley adopt Europe three-in-one   drive form, the harden gear face reducer has good performances in compact   structure, low noise, no oil leakage and long service life. The hoist cross   travelling and lifting are all by VVVF control. You can choose SINOKO CRANE   design hoist and the original SWF brand hoist for your VVVF Control Roof Mobile Crane.


End beam 

End beam is made of rectangular steel-pipe or steel plate by   welding, the finished end beam get once positioning processed on numeral control   machine in order to ensure dimension accuracy. 


end beam.jpg

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Electric control cabinet
Surface   of electric cabinet is dealt with through antisepsis plastic spraying,   reasonable layout, easy maintenance, with protection level IP55, layout in   electric cabinet is reasonable in order to ensure easy reparation






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