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10Ton Scrap Metals Yard Grab Gantry Cranes

10Ton Scrap Metals Yard Grab Gantry Cranes

10 Ton grab gantry cranes is widely used to handling steel scraps in metals yards. Outdoor gantry cranes are designed to take into account the temperature, moderation, acidity and alkalinity of the outdoor environment, especially the scrap yard near the sea or the river


Gantry crane is mainly used for loading and unloading of freight yard, bulk cargo and bulk cargo outside.  10 Ton gantry cranes has high utilization ratio of site, wide operation range, wide adaptability and strong versatility, especifically for handling steel scraps in outdoor yards.  


What kind of scraps to lifting?

Heavy melting steel –such as plates, beams, columns, channels; may also include scrap machinery or implements or certain metal stampings

Old car bodies – Vehicles with or without interiors and their original wheels

Cast iron parts – Cast iron bathtubs, machinery, pipe and engine blocks

Pressing steel parts – Domestic scrap metal up to approx. 6 mm thick. 

Manganese steel – Non magnetic, hardened steel used in the mining industry, cement mixers, rock crushers, and other high impact and abrasive environments.

Rails – Rail or tram track

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10Ton Scrap Metals Yard Grab Gantry Cranes

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How to get a professional proposal on gantry cranes?

(1)What is the Max. lifting weight each time?

(2)What is the Max. lifting height required?

(3)How frequent the crane will be used per day?

(4)What is the working environments?



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