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100T Engineering Gantry Crane

100T Engineering Gantry Crane

The engineering gantry crane is specially designed for the bridge erection project, which is used for lifting and transporting various materials required for bridge construction. The main features:

(1) Suitable outdoor dusty environments  

(2) Heavy capacity   

(3) Low cost    

(4) Long life span    

(5) Light self-weight


Engineering gantry cranes are suitable for lifting and handling of general loaders in construction workshops such as highways and bridges. Triangular truss is mostly used in the design of the main girder. The leg is made of steel leg structure, and the steel tube is connected with a stabilizer bar into a triangular stable structure. The crane is composed of a bridge frame, a cart operating mechanism, a trolley, and electrical equipment. The entire mechanism is manipulated in the control room. The power supply of crane is divided into two types: cable and sliding contact line.


The Engineering gantry cranes technology requirements are as follows:

     (1) The main steel structure of the lifting beam door machine must consider the factors of the convenience of disassembly and transportation under the premise of satisfying the strength, rigidity and stability.
     (2) The interior of the fuselage should have enough space to meet the assembly of prefabricated beams and bridge erection machines.
     (3) When two prefabricated beams are used for lifting, the two machines must be operated synchronously.
     (4) The lifting mechanism and running mechanism have a low running speed to improve the accuracy of precast beam alignment and reduce the impact on the structure of the beam elevator.
     (5)Lifting beam door machine can also be used alone, or it can be used in conjunction with two heavy objects such as lifting prefabricated beam. If two units are used together, the weight can reach 900 tons. It is an important heavy lifting equipment with high safety performance. Easy to disassemble, install and transport.


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