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Soft Start Motor Driven 10T Semi Gantry Crane

Soft Start Motor Driven 10T Semi Gantry Crane

Sinokocrane is an ideal gantry crane manufacturer for soft start motor driven 10T semi gantry crane. 



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The semi-gantry crane has only one leg. The other end of the crane is like a bridge crane and is placed on the traveling beam of the plant. The track is commonly known as the sky track, and the running track on the ground is called the ground track. The semi-gantry crane hoisting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and bridge structure are basically same as the bridge crane.



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(1)Main beam optimized design, small wheel pressure, light weight

(2)Semi-gantry cranes’ end carriage adopts torsion box structure

(3)Epoxy zinc-rich paint, two bottoms and two sides, long life, beautiful appearance, good gloss

(4)The connection between the main beam and the end carriage meets the mechanical (5)Tolerances and reduces the wear to a small degree

(6)Lifting mechanism has a compact structure, which makes the hook stroke more reasonable and the working range is wider.

(7)Safe trolley line power supply, configure phase loss protection

(8)Use a highly flexible flat cable to power the car with ground protection

(9)The flashlight door can be connected with the trolley or can be freely moved on the main beam alone

(10)Three-in-one drive mechanism for large and small cars, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, smooth brake release

(11)All electrical connections use heavy-duty aviation plugs and sockets, sealed and plugged firmly



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